Let it Be for Noah.

I rarely take to my blog to ask for help. I mostly stick to silly missives about Tom and Katie’s marriage, the Bachelorette or what a dork I am at parenthood. I try to be honest and real on my bad days, to be open about my postpartum anxiety and how having an eating disorder perhaps contributed to that. I have good days and bad days, as we all do. Today is different.

Last night was a good night. Boss came to me post bath all warm and smelling of Burt’s Bees and commanded me to “look at how clean and sparkly my booty is Mommy!” And I did look, and it was clean and sparkly. I maybe pinched it a little. He’s four ( in a few days!) so the years of appropriate nibbling and pinching are dwindling at a rapid rate.

Yes, last night was good…until I lay in bed, cuddled next to a sleeping Boss, foot in my face (why do they want to sleep sideways???) and couldn’t stop thinking of my friend Mike and his very own boy, Noah.

Mike was a good friend to sister Dub and I in high school, despite his penchant for Obsession for Men. He thought it was awesome. We disagreed. Whatever, cologne not withstanding, he looked out for us. He was older and wiser but never talked down to us, and frequently saved our butts from older boys. I always suspected he had a little thing for sister Dub, but then most guys who ever met her fell instantly in love. Mike grew up, went to BYU, got married, and had a family. Just like we did…minus the BYU bit because, obviously. His first son is just about Max and Zu’s age. His baby Noah, is Huckleberry’s age, just two weeks younger.

Right before Noah’s first birthday he got sick, he couldn’t keep anything down. Like any good parent they took him to the hospital worrying about dehydration. The doctor ordered a CT scan along with other tests and it was discovered Noah had a malignant brain tumor.

Can you imagine? You go in thinking your one year old has the flu and come out knowing he has brain cancer?

Mike is a musician, a good one, and he took to youtube to sing a song for Noah, if you like it you can download it at itunes and all proceeds go to Noah’s care.

please take a second to watch the video and if you can spare $1.29 down load the song. Or donate whatever you can. I look at Huckleberry and think there but for the grace of God go I.

**MSNBC & HUFFPO picked up Noah’s story!

Please share if you feel moved too. On Facebook, on twitter…whatever.

The direct youtube link is: http://youtu.be/-YAu-sGIpwQ and we are using the hashtag #LetitBeforNoah

I have always thought Let it Be was a sacred song…and it is.

Abbey Road on the River 2011 National Harbor

Daddy and I look at the camera. The Boys can’t take their eyes off the stage.

Oh it was lovely. We woke to a rainy Saturday morning, complete with Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee. We stretched our sleepy bones, lolling about and waiting out the rain before loading the babies into the car and heading out for Abbey Road. It was just perfect. Very different than last year. Three is a drastically different age than two. At two he was front and center dancing about and being a part of the show. At three he was sitting stock still trying to memorize everything every musician did and not wanting to be the center of attention at all.

The very first thing we did was go plop our money down for ‘John Guitar” which The Boss has been nattering away about since last year. Now we have one well loved and much super-glued George Guitar and one John Guitar, already missing a peg or two but both are very loved. Before we even walked away from the booth he began demanding Ringo’s drums. Sigh. Luckily Santa knows where to get them.

I can honestly say that other than seeing Paul live {obviously} the LOVE concert might be the coolest funnest thing I’ve ever seen. And truly? The Boss’s mind was blown. They had about 30 musicians on stage and they performed the Cirque arrangements live. Around 9:30 pm the hard guitar opening of Revolution started and one seriously sexy John Lennon-esque Singer (Hello Britbeats!) took the stage and BOOM! Fireworks went off over the water. The saying “and the crowd goes wild” does not even begin to cover it. It was crazy.

And this guy? Loved it.

We rested up that night in the hotel and then headed out to see Mr. Gretsch, of Gretsch guitars who is one truly nice man. He was giving a history of his guitars and suddenly…who is that I see? Why it’s Eddie Peabody on video. My best friend Jen’s husband’s name is Eddie Peabody and yes, that famous banjo player is his grandfather. It was a lovely touch to an even lovlier trip.

We set out to see the water and just hang around enjoying the area, I LOVE the National Harbor.

We are already planning on our next trip to Abbey Road on the River. Huck will be one, The Boss four. Will he be dancing in the aisles again? Telling everyone who will listen that he has John’s Rickenbacker? He has changed so much in one year, I look forward to a new experience at the festival with my four year old. I only hope it will be easier to convince him to do things like wear shoes and eat at that point…

A mom can dream right?


The Boss has declared Can’t Buy Me Love as his favorite. Mine is She Says, what is your favorite Beatles song?


*because blogging is awesome I received press passes this year to the festival. And that my friends? Is so awesome I can’t stand it.

Abbey Road on the River 2011- It’s Beatles Disneyland for my kid!

First, let’s just take an adorable walk down Memory {Abbey Road} Lane:

I die. For reals. Check him out, at two, jamming along with. the band! Remember when we took him last year? Well this weekend is ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER and of course, we are going. Duh. Obviously we are a family who lurves The Beatles, but truly it is The Boss who leads us to seek out things like this festival. Last year Max lost his mind at it, he just couldn’t believe it was actually happening and he is now a year older and wiser I expect him to have just as much fun. I mean he asked for an “Epiphone ‘coustic and Rickenbacker ‘lectric like John” for his birthday and recently corrected TOTT that it was a 12 string Rickenbacker that George played the most famous chord ever on…The opening to Hard Day’s Night. But usually he played a Gretsch, says our toddler.

What the ham sandwich? He knows all that stuff and yet remembering to tell us when he has to use the potty escapes him. Priorities.

It will be Huck’s first time and The Boss keeps trying to teach Huck the songs and how to play back up guitar nd Huck just smiles and blows bubbles. I think a good time shall be had by all!If you’re in the DC are this weekend you guys should check it out and make sure you say hi to us. Just look for The Boss trying to rush the stage and demanding one more rendition of Helter Skelter.


Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody!

And another first world problem. I know what I like. I do. Clothes wise and design wise. But for some reason bedding for the Boss’s Beatles room has eluded me for AGES. I picked this up at the oh so wonderful TJMaxx and still I just can’t make up my mind.  And so I turn to you, to help me decide.

I painted the little stool with the Beatles logo!

I raised his headboard a little bit by putting it up on blocks. One of these days when I am at Home Depot I will remember to grab some feet for it so I can raise properly. I got that at a thrift store for 3.50 (I actually got 2 for 7 bucks so when Huck is ready I can paint his and they can have matching beds.) It was in bad shape, I cleaned it up and painted it and I love it. The inspiration for The Boss’ room is the Hard Day’s Night poster above his bed. The M is from a Paris metro sign. The bedding doesn’t have any green in it, so I am not sure if it clashes/works with his nightstand. (Grandma got the nightstand at a yard sale for 5 bucks and I painted it, surprise! I love it!) Can I bring in more green/yellow when the bedding is so very red/white/blue/tan/black? I know it works with the red headboard and my old dresser which I (guess what?) painted red.

I’m still working on my collection of cute British/Beatles things. My mother sent The Boss all her memorabilia and the records are hers. My Mother in Law bought the Beatles playing cards up on the shelf and it’s on my to do list to make a mobile from them for Huck’s side of the room. I moved the green box in front of the bed to hold a few of The Boss’s guitars which must always be accessible and I think that helps a little.  I also think I will paint one of the Ikea spice racks/bookshelves to match the nightstand and move it the blank wall next to his bed so he can have his guitar encyclopedias close at hand at all times. He likes to look at them when he wakes up in the morning.

I love the mini phone booth and mail box that my friend Renee sent all the way from the Netherlands. That’s right, they were procured in London brought to the Netherlands and then sent to DC. I love them and will keep them long after The Boss has moved on to something else. The little blue bus is a  double decker painted for Hard Day’s Night. It’s so cute and The Boss loves to drive it around. The All You Need Is Love poster I painted in about three minutes to see if I liked it enough to do it properly. That was over a month ago and it’s on my to-do list to really make one.

Huck’s side of the room needs the most work.

I want to make one of those apple crate bookshelves for their room. I’m totally in love with them and I blame Pinterest.

There’s a place for everyone to rest. Even The Great Catsby.

And a little surprise for my guitar obsessed boy!

Guitar sheets!

So there you have it! The Boss’s Beatles bedroom. It’s really coming along nicely but as with most decor obsessed people it will never be done completely!

So, keep the bedding or return it? He hasn’t used it yet I just put it on to take the pictures. I’m leaning towards keeping it, but would love to hear your thoughts!


Tiny projects…like tiny bubbles, but not.

After our doctor’s appointment I was give the all clear to do ‘small things’ like go to Target for 30 minutes (yes, I asked. Target is that important) and paint for 30 minutes and then I have to rest again. The last two days have been great because I can actually play with The Boss for short bursts and honestly I missed that.

I also started knocking off a few of the small projects on my to-do lists. Right before I ended up in the hospital we had hit the flea markets and I got a great shelf for TOTT’s camera’s for one whole dollar. He wanted it really beat up and kinda dirty looking. Can do!Especially since it was in pretty bad shape and that horrible early 90’s forest green with a heart! You know i busted that heart part off right away!

{Stroller also makes excellent flea market shopping cart}

A good scrub, a couple of coats of Opps! paint I had some stain and some poly and it’s done! Total cost:1 buck. TOTT loves it! I need to work on the display a bit, but one project (albeit a tiny one) is DONE!
{sorry for the hispamatic shots. Where is my camera?}

It’s funny the color of the shelves is pretty much correct, but everything else…no.

Before I got pregnant I bought a shelf at GW thinking this will be great in a nursery for holding wipes/cream etc. I quickly painted it turquoise envisioning a little girl’s nursery in turquoise and red with a Jenny Lind crib (never mind the fact that we have a perfectly good very expensive crib!) and then of course, Baby2ElectricBoogaloo is all boy.


It hung on the wall for a while and I knew it would be something. So, I got a little bee in my bonnet and painted it a light yellow then distressed it so the turquoise showed through. Added an ivory rose drawer pull and now I am in LOVE!(It needs to be hung properly. I just popped it up on two nails that were already there for now. I can hang things, thankyouverymuch!)

I also finished another little chair for The Boss and Baby2. Cause you know Baby2 needs his own chair NOW.

My favorite find of the day though was something I’d been looking for for a long time. An old typewriter. When I saw this monster I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t even attempt to negotiate the price I just handed over my FIVE BUCKS and ran like the wind! okay, TOTT put it in the stroller and took it to the car. It weighs a ton!
Of course it’s already been moved to the other dresser to make way for the teeeeeny newborn diapers I bought.


One of these days I will have a real place to decorate instead of cramming everything into our bedroom and The Boss’ room!

Today we are off to Home Goods to look again for great bedding for The Boss. I’m looking for some specific things for his room, which I really want done before Baby2 comes.

The inspiration for his room is this poster (which is on order! I can’t wait to get it!)

Baby2’s side of the room will match of course, until he lets us know what he’s interested in! Here’s hoping we find the right bedding and I can get everything in order!

linking to Primitive and Proper & Miss Mustardseed Go there. Look at the projects. Holy cow I get inspired!

I do not force this on my child…

Since the Boss is such a wealth of Beatles information and can name all the parts of the guitar “these are the frets Mommy!” I sometimes get accused of, well, pushing this on him.

While I have always loved The Beatles and thought them the greatest band of all time, it wasn’t until my son came along that I became intimately acquainted with I Dig A Pony I can honestly say that in all my days, including my days of dating some musicians, I never once ever in the course of history played the air guitar, or drums, or bass. I do this now on a daily basis. I spend my days switching out guitars, like a Roadie. In fact, DaDaRocks once told me my blog should really be called Roadie Mom. He is not incorrect, I am frequently fetching White Guitar to trade for Blue Guitar, or at bedtime Squishy Guitar. Of all the guitars, the most treasured though is George Guitar. Heaven help us if we can’t find George Guitar. Of course, you must have figured out that George Guitar is a mini Gretsch replica of the one George Harrison played. Naturally. Which he got from Mr. Gretsh at the Abbey Road On the River (why yes, our tickets for this year have already been purchased!). I’m guessing an extra George Guitar will be purchased this year, along with a Sir Pau-Tawney bass.

Just the other day, after a lovely nap The Boss had a fantabulous concert in his room, all the Beatles were there, John, Paul, George and Ringo. Ringo was really pissing him off though since he kept moving his drum kit all over the room and the highlight of my day was when The Boss turned to him and yelled “Ringo, pick a spot! Sheesh”. Yup, he even bosses around imaginary Beatles. He was so focused and they played a whole set of The Boss’ favorites. Hard Day’s Night, She Was Just 17 and of course Helter Skelter (which is about playground equipment…whoda thunk it?) that once the concert was over and we abandoned the venue I actually turned to the empty room and thanked the Beatles, just in case the two who have departed came to play with my little man.

When he was just days old he would cry until Daddy put on Everybody’s Gonna Dance Tonight by Sir Pau-Tawney.

{One week old and before Daddy truly understood support the head!}

I have done nothing to force this on my baby. I fully admit to indulging and enjoying the hell out of it, we listen to the Beatles all the time, we play Beatles Rock Band. Mumsy (my mom) sent him ALL her Beatles memorabilia including a ginormous poster and her ticket from when she saw them! Getting these things framed and up in his room is high on the list of to-do’s. I encourage his musical interests and I will admit that I’ll be sad if and when his interests change…I try to remember that he may be MY baby, but he is his own person.

But for now, he is happily playing his guitar watching Guitar Basics instructional tape (yeah VHS FTW!) and in a minute he’ll scurry over to his drum set and say mommy is this the high hat? And I’ll say yes, baby it is! you’re such a good musician!

My heart will burst with love and I’ll happily spend the day switching out guitars and fetching drum sticks.

It’s a good gig, being a Roadie Mom.