my iphone died and then I fell in love with Kate Spade – Sunday Obsessions.

My iPhone met an anti-climactic end on Thursday. It simply closed it’s eyes and went to sleep, never to wake again. I suppose that’s how we all want to go, how we want our beloveds to go, peacefully and in the arms of someone who loves them…someone begging them not to leave and telling them they are so, so loved and they don’t know how to live without them.

So it was with me and my iPhone.

To say I felt as though I was missing a limb would be an understatement. I wasn’t sure how to function, and I am not just talking constant Twitter interactions or emails…but what if something happened to my kids while I was away from them at Meet a Mom Live on Thursday night? Not to mention that everyone was making awesome glass art at ahem, Awesome Art and I couldn’t twitpic!

You know that vexes me greatly.

Saturday was jam packed and so it was not until Sunday that I got to go meet the Genius who was facillitating the adoption of my new baby! I decided to switch it up this time and got a white 4s and we are in love. You can frequently find us just gazing at one another as I take in her perfection.

And that brings me to my new obsession. Kate Spade. There was nary a iphone case that I liked at the Apple iPhone Adoption Agency, I liked the Kate Spade ones they had but I need a hard case. A quick search on the nearest 15 inch Mac Book Pro (Dear God that is a gorgeous, gorgeous computer!) and I fellĀ  in love with a case so lovely it called out to me. Luckily for me it was at Nordstrom and luckily for me Nordstrom was three stores down.

It was the last one, hidden behind all the other polka dotted Kate Spade cases. As I swaddled my new iPhone baby in her beautiful new case, suddenly all was right in my social media world.


It was then that I realized perhaps I was late to the Kate Spade game, and so when I got home I searched…and fell in love. Green is my favorite color and the Kate Spade green is the world’s most beautiful green second only to the true green of the happy leaves that surround pink peonies.


Now, to convince Zach that we need to re-do the bedroom. Again. I need this. It makes me happy.

{Bed Bath & Beyond}

At the very least I must posses this Good Night/ Good Morning pillow. How sweet is this?

(Also? I need this shower curtain. Kate Spade? Marry me!)

Pink, navy and orange? Sign me up. I swoon.


Let’s not discuss the handbags. THE HANDBAGS! They are on my maybe we will get a million dollars before mother’s day and I can get one along with a Max & Chloe monogram necklace and a laptop list.

Clearly I have the I wants.