my iphone died and then I fell in love with Kate Spade – Sunday Obsessions.

My iPhone met an anti-climactic end on Thursday. It simply closed it’s eyes and went to sleep, never to wake again. I suppose that’s how we all want to go, how we want our beloveds to go, peacefully and in the arms of someone who loves them…someone begging them not to leave and telling them they are so, so loved and they don’t know how to live without them.

So it was with me and my iPhone.

To say I felt as though I was missing a limb would be an understatement. I wasn’t sure how to function, and I am not just talking constant Twitter interactions or emails…but what if something happened to my kids while I was away from them at Meet a Mom Live on Thursday night? Not to mention that everyone was making awesome glass art at ahem, Awesome Art and I couldn’t twitpic!

You know that vexes me greatly.

Saturday was jam packed and so it was not until Sunday that I got to go meet the Genius who was facillitating the adoption of my new baby! I decided to switch it up this time and got a white 4s and we are in love. You can frequently find us just gazing at one another as I take in her perfection.

And that brings me to my new obsession. Kate Spade. There was nary a iphone case that I liked at the Apple iPhone Adoption Agency, I liked the Kate Spade ones they had but I need a hard case. A quick search on the nearest 15 inch Mac Book Pro (Dear God that is a gorgeous, gorgeous computer!) and I fell  in love with a case so lovely it called out to me. Luckily for me it was at Nordstrom and luckily for me Nordstrom was three stores down.

It was the last one, hidden behind all the other polka dotted Kate Spade cases. As I swaddled my new iPhone baby in her beautiful new case, suddenly all was right in my social media world.


It was then that I realized perhaps I was late to the Kate Spade game, and so when I got home I searched…and fell in love. Green is my favorite color and the Kate Spade green is the world’s most beautiful green second only to the true green of the happy leaves that surround pink peonies.


Now, to convince Zach that we need to re-do the bedroom. Again. I need this. It makes me happy.

{Bed Bath & Beyond}

At the very least I must posses this Good Night/ Good Morning pillow. How sweet is this?

(Also? I need this shower curtain. Kate Spade? Marry me!)

Pink, navy and orange? Sign me up. I swoon.


Let’s not discuss the handbags. THE HANDBAGS! They are on my maybe we will get a million dollars before mother’s day and I can get one along with a Max & Chloe monogram necklace and a laptop list.

Clearly I have the I wants.

Sunday Obsession 2.0

I did it. I drank the Target Designer kool-aid, and that designer is Jason Wu.

I didn’t get up early or anything, please…mama has an oh my gawd how did the time go so fast 8 month old who has decided sleep is for the weak, so any chance I have to be unconscious I grab. But I got there shortly after 9 and dude it was decimated! I managed to find one bag hidden behind a bunch of other purses. So sorry whoever hid it, but it’s mine now!

I didn’t score a few pieces I really wanted, we will see if they trickle in from returns but I did get one of the dresses and the bag I wanted! Bonus a shirt that wasn’t on my list but was really cute on!

So. I’m obsessed with Milu the cat of course and do you think I could find the scarf or tote featuring him? Nope. Also MIA is Sir Catsby, who is sporting a red bow in honor of Milu. I didn’t even get a picture of him before he skittered away to hide.

Bad bloggers cat! Bad!


What are you obsessed with?

Sunday Obsession

For Christmas Zach gave me a cute little point and shoot camera, perfect for slipping in my over-sized purse/diaperbag. The problem was, that despite it’s brand name and great online reviews; it was utter garbage. After playing with it for almost a month I finally caved and took that dude back to Target. Because even my husband loves Target.

In it’s stead I got my new baby. I want to sleep with it. But I won’t just in case those absurd ads are right and co-sleeping (with a camera) kills.

I am forever a Canon girl now. It’s not the biggest or fanciest camera in creation, but it is perfect for me. And yes, I took a picture with my freaking phone OF my camera. I’m in love. Now I simply must find an awesome wrist strap and camera case! Etsy, oh etsy…I’m calling you! What camera do you have/love?

mini-obsession? My 1.99 purple nail polish.For WhyMommy, she wrote she would chose purple as her color and so we do. For Susan.

Steph's Camera 080
Maybe you will too, and if you do make sure you upload a pic to the Whymommy Lovefest on Facebook! (extra bonus obsession…Revlon LipButter. oh mah gah.)

(pic taken with new camera. natch)

What are you obsessed with?

My ability to lose something is directly correlated to how much I like said thing.

My ability to hold on to something I like, say a pair of earrings for example, is directly correlated to how much I like that something. Yesterday I searched high and low for a lovely little pair of earrings I bought in Hawaii. A carved flower holding a drop jewel. Oh! I love those earrings! They are like a tiny bit of heaven draping from my ears! Or rather EAR as I can only find one. I tore my jewelry chest apart. I looked high and low in all the little spots where I tuck things, and all the spots where others in the household do the same. Nothing. Just one lonely little perfect earring, handmade in Hawaii. Sigh.

So, I reluctantly chose what are perhaps my 4th favorite earrings. Little gold dangley branches. I love em. I got them from a commercial I shot in LA, the costumer telling me they suited me so well I must keep them. I was not going to argue at all! They are junk jewelry but I love them.

Sadly apparently today was like the Earring Thunderdome. Two earrings entered, one earring left. How? HOW???



No earring.


And yet the ones that I don’t love, they seem to multiply.Two earrings become four then six then eight…they are like bunnies.They are everywhere I look, constantly earring blocking my attempts to get it on with my faves.


How do they know? This same principle applies to my favorite lip glosses,sunglasses and shoes. And yet the ones that I don’t adore seem to stick around just to make me mad and miss the ones I love even more.

They taunt me.

Am I crazy? Are you buffudled by this Bermuda Triangle of accessories??  Just me?

Shoppers Anonymous…except you know me.

The time has come for me to admit it. I shop too much. I am huge bargain shopper, but my Target bill (yes, I caved after 1.5 months…I missed you Target! Let’s never fight again.) alone is crazy. No, I didn’t NEED a new little wallet with a cute owl on it, but it was only 9 bucks and it’s soooooo cute! It’s now living in my purse.

My name is Minky and I am a shopaholic.

I’m bored. I miss seeing my friends on the daily. I miss going to auditions. I miss being able to head over to WWJD’s anytime the mood strikes me for a gabfest and TV Snark with wine. I miss working on shows. I miss having my own place to decorate and run. I miss….everything. And I am filling that gap with shopping. I know that we are close to being ready to leave the safety and security of The American Dream and I am antsy. TOTT is crazy supportive of my new craigslist aquisition obsession and projects. I mean the man bought me a paint sprayer for my birthday! {note to self…get over fear of paint sprayer and USE IT! } My IL’s not only allow me to use the backyard and garage as a workstation but they praise my newfound skills and support me as well.

I have so many blessings. The time has come to start focusing on those and not those adorable black boots I want at Target. I spent 100 bones there yesterday on…what, I don’t know. My point is this: I spend too much money on stuff that I don’t need. It makes me feel momentarily happy, who doesn’t love a cute new bag?? I do, that’s why I have 30 of them. Or shoes? Also me. Except…well,  I never go anywhere to show those off. Except Target and Home Depot and my local Thrift.

So here’s the deal…

I do not need a new purse. I do not need new shoes. I do not need any more clothes. I do not need these things just to fill the days and make me momentarily happy.

What I do need: money to fix my car. Make-up, shampoo etc when the stuff I have runs out. To go to the eye doctor for contacts and glasses.To go to the dentist.To finish all my projects. Have another baby.

I’m going to try very hard to stop my extraneous spending so that we can finish up paying off our debt and get settled in a place of our own soon. I am going to try to feed that shopping need with thrift, if I have too.

This will be very hard for me, as I always have a HUGE case of the I Wants, you might have to put up with some virtual I Want shopping on this here blog…but it’s for the greater good.

I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize. Which is a really great pair of boots.

CRAP! No, no boots. Sigh. See? I need your help!

Have you ever given up something to save? Was it hard? What was the hardest thing to give up?

Minky’s Monday Musing~ Target, we need to talk.

I’m ten kinds of upset and not even my swoony President Obama afterglow can settle me down. In fact, Mr. President just gets me fired me up even more! We must fight injustice! We need Equality! Our president is The Hotness!

Wait, one of those three was kinda inappropriate.  Oh well, I stand by all three statements.

It has been brought to my attention that The Target Corporation-which has by and large been pretty groovy and cool – has donated a doctorate sized student loan amount of money to a very conservative Republican candidate who is pretty dang anti-gay.  {You can read the Huffington Post Article on it here. Obviously I encourage you to always do the research on things yourself and make up your own mind, but this is my lil old blog and I am the sad over this. Esp. cause The Boss busted my gold aviators and sigh…where else to get them for 12.99?}

Now, listen…I get it, it’s legal and all. But the demographic of Target shoppers is by and large younger, hipper and groovier. And thus (one would surmise) pretty gay friendly. I myself am gay friendly. Actually, scratch that. I’m just plain old friendly. Whether you are gay or straight isn’t an issue for me at all. I do however care if you’re nice, a good person and whether you wear white after labor day.

Okay, I was kidding about the antiquated fashion rule…plus? Winter white, people.

{Why yes, that is Reverend Minky uniting The Boss’ Guncles in marriage. I lurve them.}

I am also in love with Target. You can see my problem.  And so, this weeks musing is my letter to Target, I don’t know how to quit you…but you gotta fix this!

One of these days I am going to y’know, get dressed up for a vlog instead of filming it at 11 p.m. on Sunday. I said to TOTT grab the Flip video and meet me in the bedroom.He was totes disappointed that I just wanted to holler at Target. Also, HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT TARGET????????

Target, you are the Edward to my Bella…

Target it doesn’t HAVE to be the one I suggested, The Human Rights Campaign, but I really think they’re the way to go! You have to do SOMETHING BIG to reach out to the community and make this right. Please. Cause I. Miss. You. Already.

Dude, my hair. I cry like The Boss at 3 a.m. Sob.

International (wo)man of (no) Mystery.

Behold! My mother’s day gifts:

Mayhaps you will recognize the all too familiar logo’s from my Motherships. Target Boutique and Starbucks.

Now before you go thinking my fam is lazy for just doling out the gift cards, you must understand how very much I adore gift cards. Two words, people: FREE SHOPPING.

I love to shop. I do. Now that I’ve bested my eating disorder and given up soda, I will absolutely admit that I could easily go to the dark side of retail and develop an addiction.

Thus far I’ve held it at bay (although TOTT would now snort and say “barely” but then I bring him something coolio and he forgives. He’s the awesome) I suppose if I had more friends in this zip code I might not spend my days plotting the new finds and making lists of things I want as soon as payday comes around. Okay, it might be a small problem. Very small. I window shop far more than I buy and I really choose things wisely. And if I make a mistake I return it ASAP. And so my family gifted me with the happy day of shopping!

I lie about the friends thing…If I had more friends in this zip code I would just be shopping with them.

But here’s the thing…I will always love my Target and yes, I will always choose the Target with the Starbucks in it over one without. But perhaps I need to mix it up a bit. I’ve become a no brainer.

My high maintanance rep is feeling a bit bruised over this. I mean, it’s so easy now!~ Just toss Target at me and watch me squeal!

But where, oh where, is there a store as glorious as Target??? I need to go get a coffee and give this matter some serious thought. Maybe I need some shoes too,oh, and hair dye…huh. Target it is.

I think I’m having an affair.

Oh Target, how I love you so. I do. I crave your company every single day, and you always leave me wanting more.  Please never leave me, because I would surely perish without, at the very least, bi-weekly visits.

The moment I arrive I feel giddy, almost drunk and swoony. How do you do this to me every time? I’ve no resistance to you. None at all.

You are such a temptress, Target. You tease me with bargains on skin care and organic items and then BAM! You blindside me with cute strappy sandals and adorable designer shirts.

I am powerless to resist you, I don’t even try anymore. I find excuses to visit…I just need diapers. I need chewies for the dog.  I need a bra. I need…something.

Our affair is a lasting one, we will never outgrow one another. Even if I became a millionaire tomorrow Target, I would never forsake you.

My husband, he knows. He’s not happy about it, but like the good man he is he chooses to view our love affair as one of my bad habits. It’s as if I chew my nails or pick at zits. Not pleasant, but he loves me enough to overlook it. Most of the time. I neither chew my nails or pick at zits, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

You’re good to me though, Target. You send me home with gifts for him as well. You send me home with razors and DVD’s. Little things you know he would enjoy, and I think he appreciates it. It makes him more tolerant of our love affair. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Other people recognize your glory too. How sweetly you’ve bedecked me. I have no shame when someone says “I love your outfit” and I realize I am head to toe showing your love.

Whenever I have a problem I run to you first and you have never once let me down. From Halloween to Christmas. From intimate dinner parties to last minute birthday celebrations. I can always count on you. It only makes me love you the more.

I crave your sheets and towels, new bedding and end tables. And oh! Our online affair only adds to my need to see you more. You’ve added more and more to your beauty products on line, and real wood furniture! Thank heavens my husband doesn’t check my internet history or he would surely be jealous of all the time we spend together, without  actually being together.

Oh? You’ve got some new great baseball equipment that’s perfect for this Summer? Tiny gloves so he can teach our son to play? Perfect. That will surely ease his anger, and even provide us with more time together as I would be utterly useless at helping teach the baby baseball!

I know…We visited just this morning but I already feel your call. I love this new little tank shirt I got, perhaps I need it in another color? It was only $9.99. Maybe when the baby wakes we will sneak on out to you.

What’s that you say? You have new Elmo toys and Summer clothes for him?

We’ll be right there.

What do you mean flip flops aren’t Winter footwear?

First off let’s just discuss how I finally got it into my head that the proper term for these lovely little slip on shoes is now flip flops. Where I grew up we called them thongs. Call them that now and you get quite a few odd looks. Not that I don’t usually get odd looks, but it’s as if I’ve said something very dirty calling flip flops thongs.
Ah, well.

This week Zach and I got a bee in our proverbial bonnets (I really would give anything for a picture of Zach in a bonnet right this very second) to go through all of our many boxes and weed out the stuff we don’t even remember we have. And a lot of clothes we’ve not worn in ages. I am big on Spring Cleaning and was raised that in order for more to come in the house…stuff’s gotta go! But when all of your stuff has been boxed up for over a year you start to realize that you have a ton more than you need. I’m not talking kitchen stuff because we are using all the in laws stuff now, but everything else. Doo-dads and what’s its.  Just stuff. Too much stuff! We paid to move all this hist across the country twice and I’ll be danged if I’m paying to move one more thing that neccessary once it’s time for us to leave this version of the American Dream.

 Plus, I am going to nest like the dickens once we get our own space and make it MINE! ALL MINE!

While unpacking I tossed stuff out left and right, broke down boxes packed up three huge bags to take to the consignment store and 6 backs for the children’s charity that will come by on Tuesday.

I also found 29 pairs of thongs flip flops. 29. I need FFA, Flip Flops Anonymous. In LA I wore them every single day unless I was wearing Uggs or heels. And pregnant? Forget the heels and Uggs. Nothing but flip flops. I’ve got three pairs of pink: baby, light and hot. Two green: dark and kelly. Yellow with a little buckle. Brown,red, white and blue. Floral, plaid ones with bows and( God help me) one pair with kitten heels. Remember those? Two of my favorite things…thongs flip flops and kitten heels. Two great tastes that taste great together? Not so much. That’s a shoe that should just stay gone, n’est ce pas? The rest are all black. 16 pairs of black flip flops. Casual. Strappy ones with a little gold Bee (also have these in pink) patent leather, ones with a flower on the toe. No rubber pool flops though…just fashion flip flops.  The idea of fashion flip flops cracked me up.

I’ve weeded it down to 14 pairs of thongs flip flops. I don’t think I can go any lower! I need them! I love sundresses and flip flops and sunglasses, it’s my year round Summer (sob) uniform.

Today is sunny but brisk. The air is chilly and sharp, but I SO busted out my cheery yellow buckled flip flops. They make me smile. Also? Made an appointment for a pedicure. Winter does stuff to the toesies!

Flip flops, flip flops, FLIP FLOPS…If I keep saying it, maybe I’ll get it through my thick skull that we


I am annoyed. At the fashion world. Trust me I don’t say that lightly. To me fashion is a near religious experience and I have great reverence for it. We’re previously discussed how a great pair of boots can leave me breathless, or a fabulous dress cut on a bias is a thing of wonder.

So what the hell fashion industry??? I’m no longer a twig so you’ve got nothing for me?

I’m doing ok in the post baby body pursuit. I’m 9 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight but my body is all kinds of different. I’ve got lumps where once I was smooth, I’ve got bumps and wobbles and boobs (!) and actually, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, I quite like my new body. But finding something flattering is proving to be a bit difficult. I realize now that not everyone could just walk in, grab something off the rack and assume it would look great. I did. Snotty McSnotterson, party of one checking in. Oh, I’m learning big time now that the amount of clothes I can wear that don’t reduce me to tears is minimal at best.

Case in point, why is everything still empire waist? It’s slowly starting to change now that winter is upon us, but thanks I’m not pregnant anymore and this just emphasizes the jelly roll hanging out around what used to be my belly button.
Shopping to replace my (useless broken far to expensive I want a new one) stroller the other day I was thrilled that an employee at Buy Buy Baby was so happy to help me! Until she cheerily said “So you’ll need a double stroller soon! How exciting!” um no. Not pregnant. Just jiggly. But thanks. Now, how’s the Britax selling?

My choices seem to be blousey polyester large patterned tops  or skin tight slut wear, or if I head to the women’s department, some sort of strange tunic top.  Somehow in the time it took to grow this child until this point the juniors departments seems to have become a one stop shop to boobville.
It cannot be that difficult to design comfortable, affordable stomach flattering clothing. It just can’t.
I realize for the fashion world it’s not nearly as exciting as say, making a 3 million dollar bra made of diamonds or a gown made of rare emu feathers, but come on! Give a girl a break.