I highly recommend you give your doctor the giggles before he cuts you open.

Huck teething 2

So, let’s be honest. The Boss has a big head. Not as in ego, but as in actual circumference of noggin. Big. Huge. Adorable Charlie Brown noggin. get’s it from his dad. Huckleberry’s head is of a much more normal size, like his mama’s.

One of the perils of having a toddler boy is that you may sometimes get your face smashed by said toddler’s big giant noggin. Perhaps you might remember last year when the Boss dislocated the cartilage in my sweet little nose and I was all kinds of swollen and crooked? Well,  he clearly felt there was more to be done to my face because he gave me the headbutt of a life time and cracked the heck out of my mouth. My teeth weren’t loose and I didn’t bleed so I figured that despite the fact that it hurt like Hades we were pretty good to go.

Until about a week later I noticed what felt like a little hard ball in my lip right where my teeth hit. A trip to the dentist (a month later) I was diagnosed with a Hemangioma which I quickly named Chuck. As in Chuck Hemangioma. Get it? Ah well. The doctors thought it was funny. It was declared no big deal…but it needs to be removed and biopsied asap. Call Dr. L and he will take care of it tout de suite! So I did.

And yesterday good old Dr L in his denim scrubs numbed me up and we bid adieu to Chuck. Good riddance, bon voyage and all that! It took less that 20 minutes and was easy breezy lemon squeezy. I knew it would be but I was still in a grand state of panic.

Now I look like Angelina Jolie if Jennifer Aniston had punched her right in the fish lips (which I would totally have been behind btw) last night SUCKED as Huck decided he was not to be outdone by my stitched up and purple swollen lips and went ahead and started teething. With a vengeance. Oh, the pitiful and painful wails coming out of that tiny guy broke my heart!

A round of Motrin for everyone on me! *cheers*

Here’s hoping we sleep tonight.

I hate all bugs. But the stomach bug is the worstest.

I was kissing and munching on some of the juiciest toddler cheeks in the history of ever. The Boss’. In between his giggles and my munching noises I told him: I’m going to eat you up!

Without missing a beat The Boss said: No Mommy! Food is better!

So that night I ate dinner. And then I got the stomach flu. I spent the day in bed bemoaning life, unable to even watch television. Just me, a dark room and TOTT popping in from time to time to turn on a light and tell me to come downstairs and hang with them. Ummm…Dear God just let me die! I beg of you!

After two days of existing on Gatorade and prayers I remain unconvinced that food is in fact better than yummy toddler cheeks.

Today TOTT came home from work violently ill and apologizing profusely. He didn’t understand. He is dying he says! The worst part is I can’t even feel like ha! now you get it! Because holy jeebus this flu is the suck and I feel bad my man is suffering. Here’s hoping he can handle some gatorade in a bit.

I’m sticking to juicy cheeks. And maybe some of these delicious toes. (And I’m not sharing these delicacies with anyone!)

On Gratitude.

You guys…your comments, your emails, your messages on facebook and twitter. I cannot tell you how they soothed my heart. I knew that everything would be okay. I knew that I would love and accept this baby, no matter how this soul is packaged. You all reassured me that you too, would accept and love this baby as well.

The world seems much less scary having read your messages. I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And then after you’d given so much peace and reassurance to our little family you all reached deeper and gave more.

{blue toes – red rash}

While we were busy worrying about the tiny one giving my tummy bubble pokes to say hello, big brother The Boss went and scared the bejeezuz outta us. After ten days on an antibiotic for double ear infections he developed a rash, and his knees were swollen and hot. We gave him some benedryl and vowed to call the pediatrician in the morning. The rash was small and he’d had a reaction to penecillan previously, surely this would be the similar?

How wrong we were. By the morning his knees and elbows were huge. The rash had over taken his body and I waited impatiently for 9 am to roll around the doctor’s office to open open open! By 9:30 we were being seen and here is where it got scary…I was cool, no problem. But when the doctors and nurses begin to act a bit funny? I don’t know about you, but that’s when  I got my freak out on. Then the words “transfer him to the pediatric emergency” were spoken.

Transfer him. Transfer means ambulance. F*CK! The Doc headed off to call the Emergency to tell them we were coming and give them all the info. I called TOTT and then begged my mother in law to meet me at the hospital, and she vowed to ditch work and meet us there. But then, a repreive! The doctors made the decision that his reaction which included Serum Sickness, was not affecting his heart or breathing so we had some time. They edict was steroids at home with a list of  ‘if this happens take him in IMMEDIATLY”

Of course those things happened and we ended up in the hospital. Again, seeing doctors panic about your kid is utterly terrifying. The Boss? Was a rockstar. My little boy who cries and says “the doctor hurts me” when we pull into the parking lot of his (extremely gentle) pediatricians, allowed his ears, eyes and then his throat to be poked and prodded. I was so proud, while terrified.

His throat did show swelling, but his heart and lungs were good, and so after several hours the decision was made to send us home, continuing the steroids and pumping his tiny body full of vast quantities of Benedryl. Vast quantities. I cannot say enough good things about the pediatric emergency wing and Shady Grove. The doctors were kind and quick to see him. The rooms were clean and had tv’s to distract the little ones. I wouldn’t say it was a pleasant experience, but if you’ve got to be there, this is the place to be. I am grateful to them for taking such good care of my angel.

They even called to check on him, as did our pediatrician.

I’ve never dealt with a toddler on steroids, but it’s a bit like having a tinyhulk in the house. No exagerration that while he skipped the turning green bit, he did have several tear his clothes Hulk SMASH tantrums. Mornings were the worst, but then Saturday afternoon we started seeing glimpses of our sweet, sweet boy.

He is still itchy. Benedryl is still on board. We’ve finished the steroids and so hopefully the roid rage has seen it’s last hurrah, but we are so, so grateful.

Grateful for Shady Grove Pediatric Emergency. Grateful for a smart and caring pediatrician. Grateful for a hospital staff that willingly went along with the Boss’s claims that the pulse ox was a “Super Spy Finger” and the thermometer was an iPhone. Grateful for Benedryl and those awful steroids. Grateful for all theLittle Pookie books which I can now recite by heart. Grateful for Scooby Doo on demand. Grateful for snuggly sweet 2 year old boys who patiently take their ‘yummies’ and want their mommy.

And grateful for you. So very, very grateful to you. Grateful for your prayers, your supportive tweets, your checking in on us…. so very grateful.

Good Morning Starshine~

{The Boss enjoys a rare excursion outside of the house to get ice cream. Not excited at all.}

I woke up this morning feeling great! I practically bounced out of bed while little Disney birds chirped a merry tune and helped me dress.

That’s an utter lie.

I am still sick as the proverbial dog. BUT~ I did awake today determined to act as if I feel ok. My darling Boss has now perfected his imaginary soup recipe and brings me “more soup mommy” from his play kitchen in hopes it will make me well and be able to play “Weeble Weeble” with him. They wobble…but they don’t fall down, doncha know?

I’ve been giving the Unisom/B6 remedy a whirl, and to be honest…I’ve stopped puking, so I’m putting one check in the win column for that. Still dizzy, exhausted and all around yucky feeling though.

Wait, scratch that I FEEL FABULOUS!!!

{I’m trying out a Field of Dreams if you build it they will come mindset, think it’ll work?}

Saturday I felt well enough to attend a Swanky Junque swap with ten brilliant women and the loverly Miss Mustardseed herself. It was a glorious time, being among ‘my people’. You know? Those other frugalistas who dumpster dive and send their husbands 20 million craigslist posts a day saying I NEED THIS! We had lunch, we had laughs…It was just what this old gal needed. I was determined to make it there, and I did! Miss Mustarseed even sacrificed an old grocery scale so that I could have it. We picked numbers 1-10 to chose from the available ‘junk’ I had #4. I thought I was safe…no one else seemed interested in my lovely rusty old scale! But Marian aka Miss Mustarseed had #3 she made a beeline right too it.

Sigh. I must have made a noise of some kind and despite my protestations that really, truly she didn’t need to (and she didn’t, there were so many other choices of brilliant things to have!) she insisted that I take the scale and she chose my birdcage that I brought! Heavens knows if she even wanted that birdcage, but I do think it says a lot about the kind of person she is to have done that.

My beautiful scale, thanks to Sarah aka The Thriftress who brought it and Miss Mustardseed who took one for the team and let me have this treasure!

Swoon. Someday I will have a kitchen of my very own to hang that bad boy in….I lurve it. I also got a fantastic mini serving dresser which I am going to redo as the baby’s changing table and then someday it would make a great microwave cart/kitchen storage. You know, for my future kitchen along with the scale.

Soon enough.

Most importantly, I want to thank ALL of you for all your congratulations and well wishes. Also for all of the remedies for ‘morning’ sickness!  I have an appointment tomorrow and will de discussing more options with the doc, cause I can’t be laying on the couch forever! I’ve got a toddler to play with, and he is moving so fast! I’m missing it all and that kills me as I feel like our precious time alone is quickly dwindling. That’s good, another baby is on the way and I can’t wait! But still, it’s just been me and The Boss for 2 years. We are bestest buddies, joined at the hip. True loves and I don’t to miss any of this special time before our vicious gang becomes larger by one more blessing.

knock knock

Knocked up.


I’m a bad liar. I really am.  A good actor but a bad liar. I’m also not very good at keeping a secret. My own secret that is, your secret is safe as houses with me. Not my secret to tell, so no temptation.

But my own secrets? Terrible.

So if you’re wondering where I’ve been…well I’ve been puking my guts out. I was hoping to skip that this time around, but lucky me! I guess I am not ever destined to be one of those glowy happy pregnant people. I’m a bit down in the dumps about that, if I am being honest.

Quite a bit in the dumps about that.

If anyone has any magic cures for serious nausea and such I am all ears. They put me on Zofran two days ago and all I got was severe abdominal cramps.Not working so much.

So to recap, thrilled to be pregnant. Down in the dumps about being so sick. Heartbroken everytime the Boss asks “Mommy you want to play ball with me?” and I can’t.

Hear that? That’s my heart breaking. Because eventually he stops asking and starts asking for his grandmother.

Heart. Broken.

So now you know where I’ve been….puking. I’ve missed you all.

Friday Fabulousness~ Blogger Body Calendar

This week was so fabulous I had a hard time picking one thing! I mean, we had the Boss’ Birthday, went to a Nationals Game and of course… I saw the President of the United States speak. Which is like…Lifetime Fabulousness really.

Someone may or may not have gotten up on to the photographer’s dias and taken pictures with the big boys. Relalted: I have camera envy.

I’ll do a full write up of that asap but rest assured that it was brilliant and amazing. I left inspired and very proud to be American and proud to be a parent.

But my Friday Fabulousness this week is The Blogger Body Calendar.

I don’t think I have ever really written about my eating disorder, not even in a journal but this project hits close to home to me and I thought perhaps now is the time to share. I am one of the lucky ones, I made it out the  other side and today I am honored to be the featured Guest Blogger. I was taken aback by how hard it was to write. How once I started I wanted to write more and more about it, make it perfect and at the same time I wanted to bottle it all up and not share.

So I sent it off unedited and full of misspellings because I knew I would chicken out …and they kindly allowed me to clean it up a bit. I had to send it right then or I never would have

For some reasong sharing makes it less mine, it breaks the bond between me and my eating disorder a little bit more. More space between us.  Whatever cracked up crazy sense that makes. It’s one more way of letting go of it. When you get over an eating disorder you are left with a big question: Who am I if I am not that? My eating disodrer was so all emcompassing it was my identity along with my addiction. And it almost killed me.

Now I know who I am without being The Girl With The Eating Disorder or The Bulimic, or any of the other labels I carried around that helped make me The Girl With The Eating Disorder, but it was a tough road to get here.

So, I ask you for a favor. Please read my post over there today. Please take the time, comment if you feel like it, and if you are struggling or know someone who is please know I am here…just an email away to supprt.

 I hope you know, each and every one of you, how amazing you are. How strong and resiliant our bodies are. Trust me on this one, you can (but don’t) abuse your body to the point where it almost stops working entirely and (very slowly) it can re heal. 

Eating disorders grow more prevalant by the day, our girls in particular are subjected to not only unattainable physical goals but false altered images and that bridge between self worth and physical beauty is short to cross and hard to cross back.

This weekend try to identify when you think a bad thought about yourself…we think hard thoughts about ourselves all the time and we need to stop.
I would never say to anyone some of the things I find myself thinking to a friend. So I challenge us to treat ourselves as we would a good friend. With forgiveness.
Be kind to yourselves this weekend! You make my life brighter and I can only hope I’ve brought a giggle to your life a time or two as well.

Please check out the Blogger Body Calendar. All proceeds will benefit the National Eating Disorder Association and hey, while you’re there, maybe give my little essay a read. It is entitled

As it turns out, I wanted to live.

Because, y’know I do.

What was fabulous in your life this week? I want to know!

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Friday Fabulousness! {morning has broken}

The Zombie arose this week. And by Zombie of course I mean me. And thus, this week after having been so dang sick, everything was FABULOUS.
You know when you finally feel good? And you’re like oh! The breeze is so much cleaner! The stars are so lovely! Oh! Those flats I wanted at Target are now on sale!

I missed you world.

The In-Laws decided to steal The Boss for a bit  on Sunday and so  TOTT insisted I get up, roll outta bed and drag a comb across my head. Then he popped my weakened lil self in the car and drove me out for brunch and antiquing.

Everyone swoon for TOTT now. Even if flea markets aren’t your thing, the fact that the dude who would sooooooooooooo much rather be drinking a beer and watchign some sports, took his woman out for waffles, lattes and hunting for an antique typwriter and such means he is an A+ stud.

Post that he took me for a little shop in downtown Bethesda. Key-ute.

I promptly fell in love with Lola and wanted to take her home. Her family said no. Can you believe that? Rude.

Meet Lola. Getting cool in the fountain. I miss you Lola.

Puppy Bear + Lola 4 ever.

{Special thanks to Lola’s fam who for some reason though I was funny and not just some freak stalking their King Charles. Ah Lola.}

Also fabulous? Where have you been all my life Germantown Indoor Swim Center ??

Oh yeah, in Germantown. Whatever people! Check this shizz out: The Boss has started swimming lessons and lo and behold slides! kids areas! waterfalls! open year round!!

The Boss is crazy lovin it and we are planning on hitching our wagon to that star all winter. How fun to escape the dreary snowiness for some splashy fun!

Locals, who’s up for a play date?
What was fabulous in your life this week? I wanna know. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Friday Fabulousness~ Something warm and snuggly.

It’s pathetic how I look forward to taking my antibiotics. The last three nights when I wake I can take my pills is the last thought to flicker across my mind.

One more pill means one more step away from my ‘vicious’ lung infection. I hurt from coughing. My back hurts, my ribs, my lungs feel raw and Iseem to have pulled a muscle in my abdomen that was previously undiscovered.

This sickness is the Christopher Columbus of my stomach muscles.

I am ready to be well. Over ready. Beyond ready. I wouldn’t wish this lung infection on anyone, it sucks so hard core. Well, maybe Mel Gibson. Yes, I wish this lung infection on Mel Gibson. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, I want to marry whoever invented Benzonatate. Day one it did nothing for me, my infection was too bad, but day two? Oh blissful cough supressant!! I can tell the moment it wears off though, like BAM! Coughing fit. Pop pill. 1/2 hour- oh blissful cough suppressant!

You know what was fabulous this week in my life? I mean beside my Z-pack and the cough suppressant? The Puppy Bear.

Why you ask? Well first off no one is allowed to be sick in bed without a constant Puppy Bear heating pad/snuggle pillow co.mpanion

It’s a pillow, its a pet. It’s a Puppy Bear.

Also? I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday that The Boss’s hair must be cut. I mean, he was looking a bit like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. One problem: The Boss? Not a fan of haircuts. Especially of the Electric Trimmer variety. But the Puppy Bear? Totes willing to get his shave on.

And shave him I did. Okay, not really I just trimmed him up a bit But the point is, if Puppy Bear can do it, The Boss can too! Other than one head buck induced bizarro line I believe I did a pretty decent job of a ‘do. It’s tough work when 1. you have no training. 2. you are happily enjoying the blissful cough suppresant and 3. your subject is wiggling and doing a seated version of the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey’s Clubhouse.

So Puppy Bear, you get the trophy this week. You’re the fabulousness this week. Thanks for keeping me company, sleeping through my coughing fits, and letting me – an untrained groomer- come at ya with a buzzing trimmer and shave ya down. You look cute, PB.

And yes, the trimmers were cleaned between PB and The Boss’ haircuts. Sigh. I feel guilty about wishing this sick on Mel Gibson. Even if he is a total asshat.

What was fabulous in your life this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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I’m raising the white flag. I’m crying UNCLE!!

{you can always count on the Puppy Bear for a snug while you’re sick}

Perhaps you may have heard – I am sick? Yeah, I have a ‘vicious’ lung infection and a sinus infection. This is the opposite of awesome. I finally caved once I coughed the house awake from 2-6 am on Tuesday morning and was basically ordered by my mother in law to get thee to the doctor! I tucked my  tail between my legs and was met at Dr. S’s waiting room door with a mask. That’s reassuring. Also? It totally sucks to be the person who is freaking everyone else out in the waiting room. You know the one hacking and coughing? The one you’re pretty sure is spreading the plague?

C’est moi!

Only not really cause I’m not contagious, thank the kittens. So me, my Z-pack, cough suppressant and throat lozenges are stuck in bed. I mean, except when I’m looking after The Boss. But TOTT is home and while totally devastated that by the lack of River Street Sweets pralines, he has decided to take the day off tomorrow to hang with the kiddo and let me rest up. Antibiotics make you tired y’all! What’s up with that?

Since we were on vacation {and I have the plague} I am woefully behind in reading all of YOUR blogs, and thus I declare today to be “what have you guys been up to while I was gone” day.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? So, today I’ll be checking out all of your blogs! (Which I usually do, but I’m going to be better about commenting today and not just reading.)

If you’ve written anything you’re particularly fond of; let a girl know! I don’t want to miss anything and we all know that sometimes I’m not all that quick on the uptake. But this time I have a doctor’s note. Actual lack of oxygen.

It’s not as fun as it sounds.

Tomorrow will be Friday Fabulousness again!  Like Lacey Chabert in Mean Girls I’m trying to make( fetch) Friday Fabulousness happen.

Friday Fabulousness~ It’s the little things.

I am wondering if my joy at my Strawberry Bonne Bell Lip Smacker is disproportionate to it’s actual value. Which was $1.99 by the way.

Every time I slather it on I am transported back to my youth. Only this time I am one of those girls. You know the ones with the perfect wave bangs and the eyeliner perfectly on the inside of their lower lash line. They have the perfect Le Sport Sac mini purse with a long handled comb and they smell like strawberries. Strawberry lip smackers. I am one of those girls and I most certainly do not have Coppertone orange streaky legs and no one calls me Casper, which sucked. Even if he was the friendly ghost.

Being a mouth breather this week has not been my fav. My nose is stuffed to the top of the Chrysler  Building and I have a mean case of the chappies. You know what helps? You got it.  $1.99 Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in strawberry. I also recommend Dr. Pepper. Get while the gettin’s good y’all. It’s not going to be 1989 forever.

While I was out shoppping for {the Bride and Groom} myself I wandered in to Kohl’s. I’m not a big Kohl’s shopper, but I managed to somehow come home from Hawaii without the bottoms to my swimsuit which does not bode well for next weeks trip to Myrtle Beach. Or maybe it does. {hubba hubba} No, it’s definitely a bad sign.

Note to self: waxing appt. STAT!

Note to self the second: You still don’t have a bottom to your swimsuit. Nice.

But I digress…quelle surprise! The boss took of like a shot straight through the store  having been freed  from his Target cart prison and there it was…God rays. Holy Chorus of Angels. I love a good cheap bag. I especially love a quality vegan bag. and oh! YAY! A yellow one. And a pink one. How to choose? My two faves. Oh, Twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiter? Are you there Twitter, it’s me Minky.  Of course you, you never disappoint.  Except when you constantly fail whale. But truly my tweeps never fail and soon enough I had back up. I ALWAYS know what I want. But sickness has stolen my resolve and I needed a second opinion. I got 7 of them from my fashionable fabulous Tweeps. Yes, you are part of my Friday Fabulousness too. I love my new bag, it was on sale and then at the register even more on sale and then they gave me a 15% off coupon! Oh, Kohl’s, you had me at hello yellow purse! (today…I’m not sure about always)

And lastly…NyQuil. First off YOU LIE! You’re ‘original soothing flavor’ does not ‘taste better than ever!’  It tastes like menthol poop. And I am not sure that there are varying degrees of better tasting menthol poop.

But thank you, NyQuil for helping me breath and sleep last night. Even if I had trouble waking up this morning and found my mother in law getting The Boss out of his crib. Awesome.  I love looking like a crap mommy in front of her.  That notwithstanding, thanks for the rest. And the oxygen flow. I’m pro oxygen, you know.

We are off to Park City, Utah tomorrow for a wedding and then to the beach for our fab vacation and 20,000 girls dancing at ShowStoppers. The 8 year old in me dies of envy a bit.

As always this little sick dude is the most fabulous of the fabulous in my life.

So, what was fabulous in your life this week?

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