You know when your kid does something uber cute?

But refuses to do it for the camera? Yeah. That.
Bee walk

During a break in the crazy rain The Boss and I took Puppy Bear out for a walk. In his Bee costume. Or as he calls it “My busy bug coat” I die. Anyway, I took pictures of just about every step he took. It was too precious.

New walk

How sweet are these two?

a bee and his pup out for a walk.

But when it came time for The Boss to show off what his dad taught him…he messed with me. The little stinker!

Someday I’ll catch him doing the pledge the right way, cause trust me ‘indivisible’ will knock you dead with precious.


**full disclosure: i might have held up the busy bug coat and asked him if he wanted to wear it. Sue me. You would have done the same, right?

“I want you to get the kiss off”

So. Preschool.

Max first day of school

I had prepared The Boss well, he knew exactly what would happen. How the day would go and he was very excited about it. School. SCHOOL!  We woke early and he patiently allowed us to take about 300 pictures before we hopped in the car to go. He was very anxious and gleefully pointed out every school bus we saw along the way. That kid can spot a school bus a mile away. Literally.

I was glad to see so many other parents there taking pictures and fighting off tears. TOTT and I walked Max in, got him settled and then…

Max at school!

Then I walked away.

Max at work

And cried.

Not where Boss could see of course, but I did cry. I was surprised that every motherly instinct in my body was screaming


But I did. And he had so much fun. He was thrilled to see me when the day was over. And I was thrilled to see him.

you came back!

I couldn’t hug him tight enough. We came home, had lunch and rested.


Thursday was day two, would it go as well as day one?

“Mommy, we are going to school and you have to walk away and then I will play with the nice kids and when school is over you will come back”

boss day 2 of school

I guess so!

“Teacher is going to say to me *insert Boss’ full name here* do you want to play with some toys and I will say yes, teacher”

My heart!

He practically raced into the school, waiting impatiently for the classroom to be open. A parent told him they liked his Buzz Lightyear backpack and Boss informed them that Buzz was cool because he could fly. I asked if he could fly and he said “No mommy, I have legs!” So, there ya go. He kept saying I love my school over and over, it was so sweet! His teacher came out and told me how well he had done on his first day and I thanked her. I wanted to hug her and cry thank you for taking such good care of my baby! but I thought that might be a touch too much.

I kissed the palm of his hand, the way mumsy had mine, and told him if he needed a kiss during the day he could just take that one. He said emphatically I want you to get the kiss off. I suppose you really can’t play when you’re trying to keep a kiss in your hand. Teacher said “who wants to paint?” Boss raised his hand high and yelled ME! Taking off like a shot he was first in the room running straight to his chair. I called him back and made him give me a kiss goodbye, which he did happily and then raced back in the room. Unable to just walk away I followed him in and got him settled kissed his chubby cheek and left.

max day 2 paint

Wow. My kid continues to amaze me,and I continue to be amazed at how powerful the love I have for him is.This is the first step out of the nest for us. We did okay. Even if I did cry a little in my soy latte.

Careful the things you say…children will listen.

Come to me lovah


On Thursday Miss Katie and I had a play date planned for The Boss and her Tommy Boy (Max always calls him Tommy Boy) What should we do,we wondered….the week had been filled with 98 degree weather and crazy humidity so we were all feeling lazy, hot sticky and yet tired of being inside. Luckily for us the weather broke Wednesday night and the next day was to be 80 with a light breeze. Hoo-ray! But still, what to do. What. To. Do.

And then in a beautiful example of kismet this here blogger got a little email inviting me to come to Wolftrap Children’s Theatre in the woods performance of PBS Kids Steve Songs on that very Thursday.Confession: I had no idea who that was. But why yes! We would love your free tickets! And so we headed out to meet Thien Kim and Dawn and their broods and to get our toddler groove on with Steve Songs. The Boss is going through this thing lately where everything is scary and he “doesn’t like anything!” so yes, we had to drag his cute tush to the theatre but once we were there he sat entranced as the opening act Baba  Jamal played a thumb piano and told the story of Jamacanda, who had the ears of a donkey but learned to love what was unique about him. I could have listened to that guy talk for a hundred years. And the Boss? He talked about Baba Jamal for the next two days.  Lucky for me he is a local guy so I am hoping to take The Boss to see him again.

As a performer and a parent I have to say once again how I truly, truly, love and appreciate those who have chosen to become children’s performers. It takes a special kind of person and I don’t think I truly grasped how important they are and how much power they have over our little ones before I had one of my own. I only hope when I was doing children’s theatre I did right by those little ones who wanted to meet me. Steve Songs was adorable. And a quick instagram photo to facebook provided this tidbit: He was my friend Kate’s brother’s college roommate! There you go. My brush with fame! They brought his guitar out before he came out and an open stage with a “coustic” guitar sitting unattended nearly killed my little guy as he stared intently at it willing it to come to him…

Steve does the Flat Stanley

“I learned it by watching YOU!” (tell me you get that reference…)

Steve played for an hour, everything from a song about Flat Stanley to one about opposites where he told the kids to scream YES and they all scream NO! It was too freaking cute. The kids went WILD and even stormed the stage at one time. There is nothing funnier/cuter that 50 2 to 5 year old kids rushing the stage and surrounding the performer! It was hilarious! Of course the stage was cleared quickly except for one almost three year old laying down on the stage refusing to leave, while his mother holding a 6 week old baby begged, pleaded and dragged him towards the audience. Why, yes. The Boss was that kid and I was that mom. Out of nowhere an angel appeared from nowhere…Teachmama! God bless her! She gently took Huck from me and I was able to wrangle my little stage hog into the seating area. She was my saviour!

The beginning of the stage rush!

After the show we settled into the soft grass for a little picnic. Some peanut butter crackers, milk, and jammie sammies! The Boss wandering around us exploring. Suddenly like a shot he took off running into the tall grass! Of course I was nursing Huck so my beloved Katie ran after him and Tommy Boy stayed with me. Sweet boy!

Miss Katie said to The Boss “Come down here. I’m going to count to three! One…”

and The Boss responded “TWO THREE FOUR FIVE!!!”

Miss Katie said “Come down here right now!”

and The Boss responded “I learned about opposites! I STAY HERE!”

At which point a laughing Miss Katie hiked up that hill and brought my mouthy cherub back potato sack style.

So, Steve Songs. Entertaining and educational. Thanks a friggin lot, Steve.



But for realsies thanks to Diane from WolfTrap for the tickets. We had a great time, even if The Boss now has yet another weapon in his arsenal for getting his way.

P.S. Can you tell I just downloaded instagram? Mama needs to take it down a notch, non?

**discolure:  I got the tickets for free. Didn’t have to blog about it…but we had a good time! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it twice: if you get to do something fun with your kids from blogging jump on it! The Boss had a good time and we had a great play date and all it cost was what I spent at Starbucks on the way to the theatre. Mama needs her java.


Just when you want to hold them closer…

Just when you want to hold them closer they go and grow up a bit.

I watched the tragedy in Japan unfold just as everyone else did. With my mouth agape in disbelief and tears snaking their way down my cheeks. How is this possible, how can this happen? How do we even begin to process this? I’m pathetically grateful that right at this moment my sweet boy is too small to understand at all. Friday night he asked to sleep in Mommy’s bed, just as he did every night. This night I said yes. Oh yes, baby please sleep with Mommy! I usually say no, because- how to say this- but The Boss? Doesn’t sleep with me. He wiggles and bounces and happily giggles holding my face in his chubby hands saying “I’m in Mommy’s room!” As much as I wanted to snuggle him, after 3 hours I gave up putting him in his crib where he promptly fell asleep within 5 minutes.

Saturday we took him to the museum where he thrilled to dinosaurs and lost his mind that Gloria, Alex, Melman and Marty were all in the same exhibit. That night he asked  to sleep with me again. It broke my heart to say no, I wanted to snuggle him close. We read extra books, we nursed a little longer than usual. After I placed him in his crib he asked so sweetly for me to stay with him, to sleep on the extra bed. Thoughts of mother’s searching for their babies, and babies crying in shelters for their parents swept away in the tsunami filled my head and I agreed. Laying down on the bed opposite the crib and watching him, listening to his breathing. Every once in a while jerking awake to make sure I was still there.  It was just lovely.

The next night The Boss informed me he was done with his crib and would now sleep in the big boy bed. Wait…WHAT? I’d hoped eventually he’d move to it and Baby2ElectricBoogaloo would move into the crib.

But now? NOW????? I’m not ready…this is too fast. He was JUST BORN!!! But there it is. He’s made up his mind. There was nothing to be done but to let him move into it. He seemed so tiny and fragile in the big bed….I must have checked on him twenty times.

He woke up proud as could be and I woke up with a child who is just one big milestone further from babyhood. Le sob.

I’m forever grateful that I got to spend his last night in his crib listening to him breath those sweet snuffly sleepy breaths. I’ll remember it always.

Don’t worry about the crib, it’s not lonely….someone has made it his home. Which is cool…for now.

p.s. as soon as I find cool bedding and finish the rest of the room for the boys I’ll do a big reveal! But you can sneak a look at the headboard I re-did. $3.50 for that. Hells yeah.

People? I am in a LOT of trouble.

The Location: The Women’s locker room of the Germantown Indoor Swim Center

The Characters: The Boss and his mother

The Scene: The Boss and his mother have just finished swimming and having a grand old time. They enter the women’s locker room (because he is 2.5 he is not hitting the men’s locker room all alone, natch!) and entcounter a lot – nay, a gaggle- of pre-teen girls waiting in line for the showers.

The Dialogue:

The Boss: Mommy, what those are?

Mommy: those are showers to rinse off after swimming.

The Boss: (pointing to the girls) what they are doing?

Mommy: They are waiting in line to use the shower.

The Boss: Look Mommy, I do want to take a shower with all those girls.

And scene.