winner winner Elmo dinner & some happy.

Sometimes things just show up that make you smile. WWJD’s Christmas card this year is one of those things. In fact I asked her if I could share it with you because, even though you don’t know her maybe it will make you smile too. The real story here is her husband, whom I adore. I mean flat out adore. You know how you love your friend and think about what you would like for them in a partner and then it comes true?? That. In the last three years WWJD had kicked cancers ass before it kicked hers (literally goodbye colon cancer) and is now making Lupus and RA her bitch. Yeah, I said it. Because Janice never met a challenge she didn’t win. Plus she always has the cleanest house in the history of ever. She’s amazing. We used to joke that I needed a What Would Janice Do bracelet because I was such a dumbass when it came, in particular, to men.Hence her blog name WWJD.  I still sometimes think what WOULD Jancie do…and then I do that. It always turns out right. It’s only 100% annoying and helpful when she smiles her her eyes light up all evil genius like and she says “I’m always right!” Because she is.

But I digress. So yeah. This.

I died. Her husband is an outwardly controlled man. He is lovely and friendly and wonderful…but a public goofball? Not so much. Me and Janice? Oh yeah. But Hubs? nope. So when this came in the mail I laughed until I wept and then I promptly hung it up because it just gives me a dose of Holiday Cheer. Also, check out my GORGEOUS Godson. God, I love that kid to the moon and back.


Oh, perhaps you swung by to see who is going to Sesame Place!  Duh duh duh duh!
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