feels like a hit to the gut…

Working on a post for Just Be Enough I happened to google the last time I was on stage and I found a video I had never seen before. The last play I did meant a lot to me. Written by a friend, it was the culmination of many years of playing the part of Katie.

I love this character so much, I still do. She has a part of my soul. Watching clips of it I wish I had more, I want to relive it.



I can do this, I can do Listen To Your Mother. I might have an Irish Lilt though…

Sometimes a blast from the past can bring up a lot of emotions, I’m in a whirlwind right now.

Jason Sudeikis better look out!!

Jason Sudeikis? You know I love you. You are second only to my beloved imagi-boyfriend/husband/cabana boy Will Forte . *falls to knees lamenting the loss of Will Forte on SNL* why God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? FORTE!!! * {imagine that last Forte bit a la Stella! from Streetcar Named Desire complete with me ripping my wife beater off in the rain. Forte commitment. I has it.)

And of course my husband. I love that guy, so really Sudeikis you’re third. I know, I know this just breaks your heart…but breathe. It’s ok.

Anyway, Sudeikis, now that you’re a big ol’movie star perhaps it’s time to give someone else a chance. Someone little. Someone who can almost Cabbage Patch as well as you can. Because this gal will seriously weep if What’s up With That ceases to be. (Why does this make me laugh so hard? Slays me)

Someone…someone is gunning for your gig, Sudeikis. The Boss? Is putting you on notice.

We will have to work on stamina though. Sudeikis can do the Running Man and Roger Rabit far longer than The Boss. So the sketch will need to be approximately 11 seconds long. The Boss is easily distracted.

P.S. Sue Sylvester? You better watch your back too.

The waiting game…

Zach’s interview went beautifully and he is so hopeful for things to come! So am I. It’s hard not to start imagining where we will live and imagine buying things for the new place, envisioning Zach’s new job.

Is this getting my hopes up? Counting my (free-range, vegetarian-fed, cruelty free) chickens before they hatch?
Or is it visualizing?
I’m going with visualizing, since I can’t help myself. I envision everything they told him at the interview happening, I imagine him working happily at a job he loves. For me I imagine brunches with friends, taking Max to the Grove and to Disneyland. Introducing him to friends who he didn’t get to meet since we moved to fast. I picture myself heading back to auditions, and filming short films with my friends like I did before. I imagine booking jobs and taking a class. I envision a lot of happiness and yes, stress moving back to Los Angeles. But I think Zach and I have licked our wounds long enough over what happened in the Ohio Debacle and we are really ready to be brave and start forward!
I know I’ve got a great guy who has worked tirelessly at a ‘paycheck’ job in order to keep us going. He deserves some good things to come his way. Here’s hoping one of the good things coming his way is a job! He fell in love with the place and they seemed to really like him! He came home to an email from them with some really encouraging words in it…they want to find him something, here’s hoping they do!
If you’ve got a moment, please say a hello to one of those friends we moved to fast for Max to meet! This is Shaun’s new blog. He’s awesome. He’s funny, and his kid? Absurdly cute. For reals.
SPODADDY Help him get started in blogland, and check out his videos cause again…the cute is almost painful.