I’m a no on Zombies.

I learned something via twitter this last weekend and that is that an amazing amount of people call Easter ‘Happy Jesus Zombie Day’. I find this equal parts hysterically funny and totally disturbing. I wonder if it’s cause I’m really, really afraid of Zombies. More than clowns, and that’s saying a lot! I loathe Zombies. I totally think that could happen, like…that’s what biological warfare looks like! I admit to being a total freak and figuring out where we would hide in case of Zombie attack. Cause according to Shaun of the Dead, if they don’t know you’re in there they’ll leave you alone. And thankfully they tend to not be too interested in animals, cause Lord knows no matter how high the dosage the Prozac Puppy just keeps barking. We’re at my in laws now, living the American Dream, so it would be their room in case of Zombie attack. It’s huge, with a gigantic bathroom, two levels and only five small windows which could easily be covered with dark fabric..I should get some of that duvatine that lighting guys use on shoots to block out the light, hmmm. We’d use those baby doorknob locks to add to the safety locks on the doors. We’d only use the tv during the day…or drag it into the gigantic bathroom to check the news at night.

Maybe I should be the one taking the puppy’s prozac.

Anyway, Happy Jesus Zombie day. Happy Day? Or Jesus was a happy Zombie? Both I suppose…although wouldn’t he have the right to be just one seriously pissed off Zombie? But he’s better than us, blah blah blah pass the Reese’s eggs, right? No really, to all that celebrate Easter I hope you had a wonderful day. I too, celebrate Easter and honestly meant to take King Max to Church but he had other plans. He’s a totally easy baby, sweet, good natured, fusses only when tired or hungry. But he was not having it! Just fussy and crying and unhappy. Closer inpection revealed on lumpy white gum left front upper tooth! Whahoo! A tooth! We’ve got none so far and I love the gummy smiles, but eventually he’s got to get one right? Well he’s been happy as a clam since then and still no tooth. Tooth watch continues.

Here in the Dulli house they celebrate both Passover and Easter, Zach’s mom is Jewish and so we had a Seder on Tuesday night. Man that was fun!! Matzo balls are yummy. And Ms. D made me vegetarian Mazto ball soup. Max took the opportunity of having an audience of twelve people at dinner to say MAMA for the first time. Be.Still.My.Beating.Heart. I missed it the first time, I had left the room to get him something and he looked after me and said it! Zach ran into tell me and I waited patiently for him to say it again. He was kicking it in his Cookie Monster walker while we had the Seder and finally he was done and looked right at me, held out his arms and said clear as day ‘Mama’. Swoon. Much cheering and snuggling and kissing commenced. God, I love my baby. Doesn’t matter where we live, how seperated I am from the world, how much I miss my family…one little ‘mama’ and all is right with the world.

Very tired Easter Baby.