in my little town

This weekend my father in law issued me a photo challenge. You know me, challenge ACCEPTED! The Venue: Eastern Market. I love Eastern Market, if you come to visit I’ll take you there. Great cheese, flowers, artisan jewelry…just about everything you could ever want. Including fresh handmade pop tarts.

I’m sorry, did you get that? FRESH HANDMADE POP TARTS.  The end.

Eastern Market was a great place to work on getting to know my new 60D, and pine for new 55mm lens. Photography ain’t cheap and I always have the ‘I wants” for something!Now I shall subject you to my pictures:

texting seller (1 of 1)

earrings (1 of 1)

guy (1 of 1)

bob swing (1 of 1)

Girls (1 of 1)

girl with parasol (1 of 1)  These were so delicious..
tomatoes (1 of 1)

puppy (1 of 1)
huck foot (1 of 1)

So you see, if you come to DC I can promise you a good time. And if Eastern Market isn’t your thing I can at least hook you up with some snugs from this dude:
sweet huck (1 of 1)
Those snuggles are worth the trip alone, I promise.