Sesame Place Furry Christmas GIVEAWAY!

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? When I was little I thought it was Stephanie Street. In fact I almost named this blog Stephanie Street, but there is an actual woman named Stephanie Street and she owned the url. THE NERVE! (I also thought the magic words were Open Stephanie but perhaps that’s a matter for Dr. Freud.)

My point is, that besides being the quintessential only child in my early youth, I loved me some Sesame Street. I still do. Especially Grover. There is not enough Grover on the street these days if you ask me, not that anyone did.

So, we took The Boss to Sesame Place for his third birthday waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in July and he said wanted 2 things “I am going to say hello to Ernie and he is going to say hello to me and we will play together” and “I am going to hug Abby Condabby” Both of those things happened.

And now a dream come true:

But then….BUT THEN…

He still talks about it. Whenever anyone asks him how old he is he says three. and I went to sesame place.

So. Who wants to take their kiddo to Sesame Place’s Furry Christmas? I have a family four pack of tickets to give away! Guys they are even open New Years Eve which I think would be totally cool to go to. This giveaway will go till Monday night at midnight so we can do a quick turnaround for Furry Christmas! We will be taking the Boss and his cousin Zuzu to it and I can’t wait to see Zuzu freak out. It’s incredible.

Per usual you can enter just by leaving me a comment telling me who your favorite Sesame Street Muppet is. You know I am Team Grover. (If we are talking Muppet Show then I am wocka wocka. You know what I mean!)

You can get an additional entry by subscribing to my RSS feed! (please do this if you follow me on google friend connect because it’s going on away next month and I am hating that. Not that they asked me. People should really ask me things because I have some great ideas!)

An extra entry for following Sesame Place on twitter

An extra entry for following me.

Leave a separate comment for each one and I will announce the winner bright and early Tuesday morning. Or maybe Monday at 12:01 EST. Cause I am excited.



**My family was provided tickets to Sesame Place as part of the Sesame Place Ambassador program, which saved me a boatload of money because we were going to take him there before they asked me. Total win for me! All the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  The only negative part of our experience is that The Boss is terrified of every member of Mr. Noodle’s family, including Mr. Noodle’s nephew Mr. Noodle in Elmo’s World Live. But really that’s my fault for taking him in there…I shoulda known. No worries, he forgot all about it by the time we got to Elmo Rocks and only talks about what a blast he had.