Christmas on the Potomac

We watch Madagascar and Madagascar 2 so frequently that¬† I have them memorized and sometimes King Julian makes bizarre appearances in my dreams telling me to move it, move it. When we were at Abbey Road on the River at the Gaylord I saw the sign for Madagascar ICE and I thought oh we HAVE to do that. Then I confess I thought, oh please let them do a blogger event! And they did. Hooray! I RSVP’d to that Momzshare evite faster than you can say Save Us Melman.

It was cooler than I had imagined. (get it, cause it was ice?) The day started off with cookie and Shrek green milk in the Belvedere Lounge. TOTT was grateful there was coffee and I patiently explained that there would always be coffee at blogging events. Always.

Huckleberry was immediately confiscated by Jodifur.

Suddenly down in the lobby we saw Shrek! All the kids raced to the balcony to see him, giggling with excitement as they caught glimpses of Kung Fu Panda as well. (Someone might have squeaked when she saw Mort. That someone might have been The Boss’s mother. Someone loves Mort.)

There were more giggles and squeals of joy when the kids were told they were all going to meet Shrek and all his friends! We headed down and took a million pictures.

I totally stole Huck’s Shrek ears. Don’t tell him.

We didn’t get to do The Puss in Boots scavenger hunt but a bunch of other bloggers did and said it was a blast!

From there it was on to ICE! Featuring Merry Madagascar…sooooooooooooooooo cold. Just as you would assume a giant tent with 250 bazillion tons of ice would be. We all bundled up and then they gave us extra parkas. Cause ice is cold, you. Word of advice: all small people look alike in blue parkas, I would suggest you attach a scarf or hat or something so that you can identify your tiny person and they can identify you. The ice sculptures are incredible, the artistry is really amazing. There is ice skating and hot cocoa (spring for the warm cinnamon almonds, trust me)

The Boss was getting pretty tired at this point but we pressed on because I was promised a Christmas Tree lighting and snow. Don’t mess with me people. Mama loves her some Christmas.

The BEST seat for the show is right in front of the fountain and you know my booty was there front and center. Boss took a quick snooze while we waited for the show. Now, I know that maybe if you don’t have kids a bunch of costumed characters doing a dance might not be a ‘show’ to you, but I am telling you right here and now the real show is the kids. Watching their faces light up is just true magic. Also Alex gave me a high five so that was pretty bad ass too. (the highlight for me was the Gaylord Employees…they had a whole routine down for each song and were just having so much fun! Every time we go the staff there is just amazing and they all really seem to be having fun with this)

I am not going to lie, the price is a bit steep (kids under 3 are free) but it was a BLAST. The National Harbor is one of my favorite areas around I just love wandering around there, it is all lit up for the holidays and just kinda romantical.I wonder how they’ll top it next year.

**My family attended ICE! as guests of the Gaylord and MOMZSHARE. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Abbey Road on the River 2011 National Harbor

Daddy and I look at the camera. The Boys can’t take their eyes off the stage.

Oh it was lovely. We woke to a rainy Saturday morning, complete with Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee. We stretched our sleepy bones, lolling about and waiting out the rain before loading the babies into the car and heading out for Abbey Road. It was just perfect. Very different than last year. Three is a drastically different age than two. At two he was front and center dancing about and being a part of the show. At three he was sitting stock still trying to memorize everything every musician did and not wanting to be the center of attention at all.

The very first thing we did was go plop our money down for ‘John Guitar” which The Boss has been nattering away about since last year. Now we have one well loved and much super-glued George Guitar and one John Guitar, already missing a peg or two but both are very loved. Before we even walked away from the booth he began demanding Ringo’s drums. Sigh. Luckily Santa knows where to get them.

I can honestly say that other than seeing Paul live {obviously} the LOVE concert might be the coolest funnest thing I’ve ever seen. And truly? The Boss’s mind was blown. They had about 30 musicians on stage and they performed the Cirque arrangements live. Around 9:30 pm the hard guitar opening of Revolution started and one seriously sexy John Lennon-esque Singer (Hello Britbeats!) took the stage and BOOM! Fireworks went off over the water. The saying “and the crowd goes wild” does not even begin to cover it. It was crazy.

And this guy? Loved it.

We rested up that night in the hotel and then headed out to see Mr. Gretsch, of Gretsch guitars who is one truly nice man. He was giving a history of his guitars and suddenly…who is that I see? Why it’s Eddie Peabody on video. My best friend Jen’s husband’s name is Eddie Peabody and yes, that famous banjo player is his grandfather. It was a lovely touch to an even lovlier trip.

We set out to see the water and just hang around enjoying the area, I LOVE the National Harbor.

We are already planning on our next trip to Abbey Road on the River. Huck will be one, The Boss four. Will he be dancing in the aisles again? Telling everyone who will listen that he has John’s Rickenbacker? He has changed so much in one year, I look forward to a new experience at the festival with my four year old. I only hope it will be easier to convince him to do things like wear shoes and eat at that point…

A mom can dream right?


The Boss has declared Can’t Buy Me Love as his favorite. Mine is She Says, what is your favorite Beatles song?


*because blogging is awesome I received press passes this year to the festival. And that my friends? Is so awesome I can’t stand it.

Abbey Road on the River 2011- It’s Beatles Disneyland for my kid!

First, let’s just take an adorable walk down Memory {Abbey Road} Lane:

I die. For reals. Check him out, at two, jamming along with. the band! Remember when we took him last year? Well this weekend is ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER and of course, we are going. Duh. Obviously we are a family who lurves The Beatles, but truly it is The Boss who leads us to seek out things like this festival. Last year Max lost his mind at it, he just couldn’t believe it was actually happening and he is now a year older and wiser I expect him to have just as much fun. I mean he asked for an “Epiphone ‘coustic and Rickenbacker ‘lectric like John” for his birthday and recently corrected TOTT that it was a 12 string Rickenbacker that George played the most famous chord ever on…The opening to Hard Day’s Night. But usually he played a Gretsch, says our toddler.

What the ham sandwich? He knows all that stuff and yet remembering to tell us when he has to use the potty escapes him. Priorities.

It will be Huck’s first time and The Boss keeps trying to teach Huck the songs and how to play back up guitar nd Huck just smiles and blows bubbles. I think a good time shall be had by all!If you’re in the DC are this weekend you guys should check it out and make sure you say hi to us. Just look for The Boss trying to rush the stage and demanding one more rendition of Helter Skelter.