why aren’t donuts a recognized food group?

In the midst of Huck fighting off whatever it is that is keeping my poor guy so sick; and in combination with the Boss finally reaching his why-is-everyone-freaking-about Huck-and-not-about-me-so-I-think-i’ll-just-forget-about-being-potty-trained limit, there is me. Before this whole tempest began I signed on as one of the iVoices to participate in the weight loss challenge for the new year. You know what that means, right? It means if I cave and freak out and eat two plates of nachos and a pint of ice cream I am accountable to all of iVillage. (not that I did, mind you. and what do you mean a pint isn’t a single serving?) For a split second in between Christmas and New years I thought about giving iVillage a call and saying that I couldn’t possibly do this with everything that was going on, they would have understood. But then I really thought about it and I decided that yes I could. Eating well is an everyday thing. I am in control of nothing at the moment, except how I react to what’s going on. I can chose to eat everything in sight and cry or I can chose to put my babies in the stroller or carrier and go for a walk to the playground.

A walk would be better for both my butt and my toddler who is just DONE being cooped up with a sick brother.

I can chose to order a pizza and eat it all or I can chose to order lighter fare and then have a dance party with The Boss. We love a rocking dance party round here, don’t you?

And if I should fail one day, and you find me shoveling snickers bars down my gullet, then my guess is that iVillage, being the largest womens website like, ever, will understand. I’m actually really happy to be able to participate right now, it’ll help keep me sane. ish.

Hopefully we will have some answers from the EEG soon, and have MRI scheduled. Huck has to be sedated for that so chance of stress eating will be high. Hold me.


*iVillage compensates me for my video work. If only I could convince them to pay me to not eat snickers.

Bippity Boppity BlogHer~ Or how I learned to stop worrying and love New York.

Turns out that despite  my anxiety and fear of negotiating travel all by my lonesome, I will hop the Metro and then take an Amtrak train all the way to New York City to hang with my fellow bloggers for a grand total of 56 hours.

It. Was. Awesome.

Oh yeah…I freaked out a time or two on the way there, but by the time I got to Penn Station I was relaxed and ready to go! And go I did, non-stop until I got back on that train at Penn Station to head back to home and The Boss.  I was so lucky to room with Sandie from UrbanMama and Thien-Kim from I’m Not the Nanny, two of my fellow The DC MOMS {keep your eyes out for that one, cause we are going to be rocking the district very, very soon!}

After checking in we did a quick freshen up and got fancy to  head off to the SEED party. I have ordered their products before so to be plied with champagne cocktail and free samples of their organic lotions was high on my list of awesome. Did I mention the divinely delicious champagne cocktails? I’m still dreaming of them.{thanks to Lara and Jennifer for inviting me!}  Then Jodifur and I hopped in a cab to rock the Socialluxe party! Dude. You had to wait in line like  a club.  Happily just in front of me was the ever lovely NakedJen…remember her? I wrote about how she saved our wedding? And got Naked at it? She’s awesome.  Before we knew it, we were in the club…errr…party!

Once inside a good time was had by all, even while hauling deliciously large swag bags and balancing a drink! I was busy decorating cookies to benefit The Center Against  Domestic Violence of New York when they systematically announced that I had not won the eye candy category of the awards.
Hmpf. For realz? Cause really? Just look at the brilliant artistry and decadent awesomeness of my cookie:

I am so going to win next year.

I got to {tipsily} chat with my friend Linsey, we go all the way back to high school….so like *cough*  10 years!

It was disturbing to realize that Socialluxe had stocked the party with waiters who were a)  barely legal and b) if I posted pictures of them on here I would so win next year because Hello Eye Candy!  Why disturbing? Because suddenly I am NOT THAT AGE, and when did that go and happen???

I had a wonderful time at the party, but after a manicure from Opi and a massage from Aveda it was time for this Cinderella to head back to the Hilton.

I barely had time to take a breath before Thien-Kim came in and was all “get up, woman we’re going to the People’s Party”. And so we did. I got to gab with some of my lovely DC ladies and meet some amazing new friends.

My God, I forgot what it was like to be ME. Just ME. Not Mom Me, or Wife Me. Just me. Me in my silk wrap espedrillse {read :glass slippers}, feeling great. My apologies to anyone who felt I chatted their ear off, but mama doesn’t get out much, know what I’m saying?  Eventually it was time to end the evening and I resolved that while everyone else was off at the Breakfast de jour at BlogHer, this mom? Was sleeping in. And I did til 9:48. It was a BlogHer Miracle y’all.

Tune in tomorrow for my Holly Go Lightly adventure and find out why this picture backfired on making my kid think I’m cool.

The Boss was pissed.