If you leave a Huckleberry…

If you should leave a Huckleberry, you will spend the whole next day with said Huckleberry attached to your face.

Small fingers kung fu gripping your hair, ears, cheeks, anything they can grasp.
And full open mouth kiss/bite your nose off I love you so much.

It’s next to impossible to get anything done. But it’s pretty rad.

I’m over at Just Be Enough today, talking about leaving Huckleberry for the first time.

I’m also vlogging over on iVillage. Just in case you can’t get enough of my mug!

a blog post by Huckleberry.

My mom brought home a wicked weird thing and made me sit in it. I’m five months old now (TODAY thank you very much) so mom is all on this kick that I like, exercise and play and stuff.

At first I was like WHOA.


Then I was like huh…

picnikfile_1FzSQEThen I spit up.

So I got a new outfit, some kisses and a song sung to me.

Then I was like I’m more comfortable here:
Huck in a box
I know when she takes out that little rectangle thing to be real cute. She gets all squeally and then she picks me up and snuggles me.

I’ve got a pretty good gig going over here. If I have to hang out in some excersaucer once in a blue moon, so be it. You guys could learn something from my braveness. Try something new. Maybe you’d like a go in my saucer?It’s pretty bad ass.

Just Sitting here on the corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity.

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Yup. Today is my birthday and  have decided that in this, my thirtieth (again) year I shall simply be awesome.

Oh, I don’t mean that suddenly my head has exploded with ego…no, no. I am still the same insecure wreck I was last year. My brain is still a constant cycle of negative self talk and anxiety. I’m telling you it is a par-tay up in cabeza de Stephania.

However on this, my thirtieth (again) birthday I declare that this year shall be spent letting GO of at least some of that self doubt. Go Dog GO!

Because listen, I am not a size zero. I am not 6 feet tall. I didn’t turn out to be a super model. But I am pretty blessed. First and foremost; my boys, my babies,are here and healthy and just for reals the bombdiggity. Second: I gots me a hubby who is a good honest man and as an added bonus he makes me laugh till my eyes water. Third: Mumsy is awesome. Forth: we live with my in-laws. I know, not normally a blessing, right? But mine are pretty cool and we get to save money to move (soon we hope) and hey! free babysitting! Fourth: I am blessed to love The Boss’ preschool. Even if he doesn’t right now. Sad panda. Fifth: I am resilient. I beat an eating disorder just before it beat me. I moved across the country away from my home and friends and have slowly made a life for myself.My once much abused body rallied and built not one, but two beautiful babies. I’ve struggled with postpartum anxiety and am winning the war. Sixth: super awesome bombdiggity friends. Dub, WWJD, Miss Katie, and all my others. I am so very lucky. I include you, my ‘make believe in the computer friends’. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

For my birthday I declare that you are awesome too. BTW you look great today! yes, you!

“I want you to get the kiss off”

So. Preschool.

Max first day of school

I had prepared The Boss well, he knew exactly what would happen. How the day would go and he was very excited about it. School. SCHOOL!  We woke early and he patiently allowed us to take about 300 pictures before we hopped in the car to go. He was very anxious and gleefully pointed out every school bus we saw along the way. That kid can spot a school bus a mile away. Literally.

I was glad to see so many other parents there taking pictures and fighting off tears. TOTT and I walked Max in, got him settled and then…

Max at school!

Then I walked away.

Max at work

And cried.

Not where Boss could see of course, but I did cry. I was surprised that every motherly instinct in my body was screaming


But I did. And he had so much fun. He was thrilled to see me when the day was over. And I was thrilled to see him.

you came back!

I couldn’t hug him tight enough. We came home, had lunch and rested.


Thursday was day two, would it go as well as day one?

“Mommy, we are going to school and you have to walk away and then I will play with the nice kids and when school is over you will come back”

boss day 2 of school

I guess so!

“Teacher is going to say to me *insert Boss’ full name here* do you want to play with some toys and I will say yes, teacher”

My heart!

He practically raced into the school, waiting impatiently for the classroom to be open. A parent told him they liked his Buzz Lightyear backpack and Boss informed them that Buzz was cool because he could fly. I asked if he could fly and he said “No mommy, I have legs!” So, there ya go. He kept saying I love my school over and over, it was so sweet! His teacher came out and told me how well he had done on his first day and I thanked her. I wanted to hug her and cry thank you for taking such good care of my baby! but I thought that might be a touch too much.

I kissed the palm of his hand, the way mumsy had mine, and told him if he needed a kiss during the day he could just take that one. He said emphatically I want you to get the kiss off. I suppose you really can’t play when you’re trying to keep a kiss in your hand. Teacher said “who wants to paint?” Boss raised his hand high and yelled ME! Taking off like a shot he was first in the room running straight to his chair. I called him back and made him give me a kiss goodbye, which he did happily and then raced back in the room. Unable to just walk away I followed him in and got him settled kissed his chubby cheek and left.

max day 2 paint

Wow. My kid continues to amaze me,and I continue to be amazed at how powerful the love I have for him is.This is the first step out of the nest for us. We did okay. Even if I did cry a little in my soy latte.

Definitely NOT in love with Alexandria, VA. {except that I totally am!}

Yeah…Alexandria? You’re not so cute with your darling little streets and your George Washington Church. And all that adorable fall decor? Hmpf.  You think you’re sooooooooooooo cute.

Cutesy little Antique and thrift stores filled with treasures.

And your oh-so-precious little pumpkins.

I just want to let you know Alexandria, VA that my beloved home of Los Angeles has EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Yup. Los Angeles has everything you do, cutesy adorable Alexandria. It sure does.

It’s called The Warner Brothers Lot.