Whoohoo! It’s bittersweet, leaving this space. This space is where I came into my own. But for a while I’ve felt like this doesn’t fit. Like a favorite old sweater, it’s well loved and worn but just not quite right for me now. So tomorrow the brilliant @Japster will move me from here to my new internet home…Belle Reve. I am both excited and sad about it. I’ll still be Minky, I can’t change who I am and I don’t want too but a new internet home now and hopefully a new in real life home soon! Belle Reve. Beautiful Dream. It’s a good place to be…a good place to grow. Hope to see you there!

**So exciting news, my very first Op-Ed is up on iVillage! I DO think women can have it all…do you?

Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Last night I co-hosted the Golden Globes live chat on iVillage. It was so much fun…so much fun that it made up for a rather, shall we say, blah show?

Was I the only one who was wondering when they were going to release the Gervais? I mean, why have him on and then essentially neuter him? Maybe next year, we can only hope.

Never mind that, because I got to chat fashion, beauty, and all things Hollywood with the best, the iVillage team. In my wildest dream they say Stephanie, Steph…can we call you Steph? We loved that. Come talk Hollywood, fashion and gossip on the regular with us. I think they should say that, don’t you? You can check out their Best and Worst Dressed here, but first let’s dish. Just you and me. Between friends. And real friends don’t hold back right?

First up. Angelina. She’s on everyone’s best dressed list but I am going to go the other way and say nope. I’m pretty sure that splash of crimson is an actual blood spatter from the ritual sacrifice of bunnies, or a Jennifer Anniston voodoo doll or something.

I want to like her, I try to like her, but I can’t quite…she’s so cold. There is zero question that the woman is exquisite. I want to feed her a burger (and I am a vegetarian) and get her to loosen up! I’d like to see what she is like with her kids, I bet there is a lovely side to her we don’t really see.

Claire Danes, again everyone loved it. I think it’s a little Star Trek Couture. The back was pretty cool. Maybe I just haven’t forgiven her for the whole Billy Crudup thing…I give it a B. p.s. if you aren’t watching Homeland you should, it’s the shizz.


Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen. DAYUM!

I like to pretend that Reese is my friend and she lets me raid her closet regularly…oh! that I had somewhere to wear this. And that I could fit into it.

Charlize genetically engineered Theron

You have to be ten feet tall and weigh fifteen pounds to carry off a side embellishment like this, and she does. This? This is what couture Dior is all about. This right here. Take note Gwynnie, this is how you rock a pink gown. Per.Fect.Tion.

Natalie Portman. Not ten feet tall, but definitely fifteen pounds. Her baby was born shortly after Huck, so way to make me feel bad about myself Natalie! This color of this strapless Lanvin is lovely on her. Bonus! she has handy place to rest her drink as she works the room. I give it an eh…


Remember last year when I had to swallow all my pride and give Lea Michelle one of the best dressed. This year I’d like to thank her for this dress. Blanche wants it back for the Golden Girls Senior Pageant in Miami Beach.

But not even Juliana Marguilles (who is two for two in WTF dresses) looking like she wants to teach me disco pottery was the worst dressed.

Not even Sarah Michelle Gellar (and this one hurts people because I love me some SMG) who let her 2 year old pick out this disastrous tie dye gown is worst dressed. Sarah, this is why we are the parents; to guide our children into making good decision. So this is not only a fashion fail but a mom fail. (also Buffy for life!)

Worst Dresses is (for me anyway) Piper Perabo. Because what on God’s little green earth was this girl smoking when she took down the old sheer curtains and made this random see through gown complete with HOT PANTS.

Piper Perabo is a beautiful woman. Something is happening here, close up her eyelids look like they’ve been lifted, her lips plumped and everything generally tightened, and it’s not good tightened because she had nothing to tighten. Poor Piper.

Frieda Pinto is painfully beautiful. This skin, hair, necklace, color of the gown…divine. The fabric is looking a bit heavy in pics but it was light as air and flowed around her.

Runner up for best dressed is Viola Davis. This color, her hair, the cut of this dress is perfect for her body. It just shows everything that is gorgeous about this woman. And there is a lot of gorgeous going on with Viola.

Simple. Elegant. A+!

The winner of my almost but not quite award is Julie Bowen. This was exquisite. Her hair, everything was perfect….except the color. If only it had been any.other.color. Black, white, pink…but nudes were everywhere last night and it is so hard to pull off.

Jessica Alba. I’ll have what she’s having. “Jessica Alba glow’ actually trended on twitter.

The highlight of the whole evening for me was when Octavia Spencer won for The Help. I thought her portrayal of Minnie was very different from how she was described in the book, but I loved her. Loved Minnie. Loved Octavia Spencer. I also learned from her acceptance speech that my so-called waterproof mascara was in fact, not.

My Best Dressed? Charlize. Flat out, no questions. She is just…unreal.

Worst? Obvs. Piper.

I love the trend towards simple, old Hollywood glamor! Lots of red lips, finger waved hair, headbands.

What did you think? Am I wrong? Win me over. Except on Piper cause that ain’t never gonna happen.

why aren’t donuts a recognized food group?

In the midst of Huck fighting off whatever it is that is keeping my poor guy so sick; and in combination with the Boss finally reaching his why-is-everyone-freaking-about Huck-and-not-about-me-so-I-think-i’ll-just-forget-about-being-potty-trained limit, there is me. Before this whole tempest began I signed on as one of the iVoices to participate in the weight loss challenge for the new year. You know what that means, right? It means if I cave and freak out and eat two plates of nachos and a pint of ice cream I am accountable to all of iVillage. (not that I did, mind you. and what do you mean a pint isn’t a single serving?) For a split second in between Christmas and New years I thought about giving iVillage a call and saying that I couldn’t possibly do this with everything that was going on, they would have understood. But then I really thought about it and I decided that yes I could. Eating well is an everyday thing. I am in control of nothing at the moment, except how I react to what’s going on. I can chose to eat everything in sight and cry or I can chose to put my babies in the stroller or carrier and go for a walk to the playground.

A walk would be better for both my butt and my toddler who is just DONE being cooped up with a sick brother.

I can chose to order a pizza and eat it all or I can chose to order lighter fare and then have a dance party with The Boss. We love a rocking dance party round here, don’t you?

And if I should fail one day, and you find me shoveling snickers bars down my gullet, then my guess is that iVillage, being the largest womens website like, ever, will understand. I’m actually really happy to be able to participate right now, it’ll help keep me sane. ish.

Hopefully we will have some answers from the EEG soon, and have MRI scheduled. Huck has to be sedated for that so chance of stress eating will be high. Hold me.


*iVillage compensates me for my video work. If only I could convince them to pay me to not eat snickers.

Call to remembrance 9/11

It’s ten years later and I am still teary eyed whenever someone even mentions 9/11. All those people, trapped and terrified. And nothing…nothing could be done to save them. I’ll never understand it. I’ll never not cry over it, ten years from now and ten years from then it will still be unbearable.

I was blessed to be asked by iVillage to share my 9/11 experience. There are some amazing stories in this video,including Dumb Mom’s Mom…incredible stuff.

I am about 6th in. You can use the arrow to scroll through, but I encourage you to watch them all. Amazing.(pathetic vanity disclaimer: I had been walking around in the heat for hours before this was filmed, I’m still puffy from having the baby and also I apparently thought that was a good hair color idea. I was wrong. Be kind)

Direct link to mine

Stephanie Stearns Dulli remembers September 11th


Hug your loved ones today. And can you tell I’m giving you a through the internet hug? You guys make my life better. Thank you.