I ponder….

{it’s not really this green…cause whoa!}

I wonder perhaps it wasn’t so much the pregnancy sickness kicking my quickly expanding booty over the last few months as it was the dreary weather. On days when it is cold and snowy and grey I simply can’t seem to get out of my funk and taking the Boss anywhere seems an insurmountable task. But then the sun comes out, and this Los Angeles transplant suddenly bursts back into life! I go to the playground! I paint! I refinish furniture again! I….I am ME suddenly. And the Boss? Well, he is thrilled!  There is a big boy swing in the back yard now and we swing for hours no matter how muddy it makes our shoes. We take his ‘motorcycle’ around the neighborhood and even for the two mile walk around the lake. Oh yes, I paid for that one, but it was glorious! TOTT and I laughing and talking about the future, pausing every three seconds to answer the incessant question from the Boss “are we going to the playground?” With “Yes Precious we are!”

I think the sun has kicked the nesting instinct in big time! this is problematic, as you know we live with my in-laws and I am certain that they would be less than pleased to arrive home from work and find all of their wallpaper taken down and the walls painted and the furniture re-arranged. I have to stop myself from rearranging everything in sight and paint, paint, painting! But that nesting bee kept buzzing in my bonnet until I simply decided that The Boss’ room…well that was mine to do. I moved furniture around, I rearranged toys, I made a list of must haves for the new room. I ordered a quilt for his big boy bed and have plans for bedding for the crib that will eventually be Baby 2’s once the Boss moves to the bed. I finally painted one of the two headboards I got at the thrift store for 7 bucks. 7 bucks for 2 headboards, you can’t beat that! I love 1/2 price day.

I dragged the Boss to Goodwill and oh! he took off like a shot for, guess what? a little chair! Like mother, like son. He instantly declared MINE! And I said oh heck yes! It wasn’t marked and needed to be glued so it was offered to me for 4.99. Little chair number 1 of my collection~ DONE!  A quick glue, wood fill and sand, a little paint, and the Boss is in love with his new thrown. I can’t wait to get the room all together and just the way I want it.

And then move on to something else…it’s never done, right?

Mother Nature is a **** tease.

That fickle snit Mother Nature. Hooker gave us two glorious days. Days so lovely and warm that I awoke and threw open the windows, declaring to The Boss “Today we are destined for the playground my young lad!”

The Boss was all “what’s a playground?” And that’s because it’s been colder than the proverbial witch’s you know what around these parts for the last ten billion years. We quickly tossed on some jeans and T-shirts and sweaters and headed off to swing the swing to the sky!

I have to say I was DRUNK on the warm fresh breeze and totally pulled that cheezetastic move, you know the one, where you turn your face to the sun closing your eyes and actually feeling the Vitamin D chemical reaction occuring? I did that. Flat out, unabashed and goofy.

It was awesome.

The Boss climbed and played and screamed happily all the while terrifying his lil old Mom by suddenly being brave. Last year he was so timid and careful. Not this year, this year he is climbing and leaping from the highest hight.

He has big dreams. “I touch that!”says he.

I wonder, will I ever get take a picture of his sweet little face again? Will all pictures from his second year be of his backside racing away from me? We played until well past lunchtime, The Boss unwillingly leaving only with the promise of his favorite lunch – rice, beans, avacado and cheese. That kid’ll do anything for some rice and beans.

This morning we woke to snow. And The Boss, now aching for another trip to the playground simply cannot understand why it’s cold and why we can’t just toss on a t-shirt and head to the playground. I can’t explain it to him that Mother Nature is just one big old **** tease.

Valentine’s Schmalentines.

Nothing says I love you like a cheesy gif!

{photo sourceMySpace. No joke}

It’s that time of year again, where high school girls wait desperately for a balloon or cookie to be delivered during class, hoping against hope that it’s from the cute boy they like and not the dork that skeeves them out.

Actually a visit from that super cute student council brat bringing those cookies is welcome no matter who payed the buck to send it, right? You can always lie about who wrote the note. But zero visits? Tragedy.

And then there’s Hallmark and jewelers everywhere convincing you that you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed those little puppies that sing to each other and a schmaltzy card and your man? doesn’t really care unless he gets you that perfect diamond. And yet, even with all the influence and indoctrination of flowers, candy and jewelry men still manage to screw the pooch on Valentine’s day. (until you’re married for ages and totally count it as a romantic date if he will willingly take you to a chick flick and cold stone afterwards)

I myself have a long and storied history with Feb 14. And that’s because I have a long and storied history of dating losers. And on Valentine’s Day they seem to bring out the crazy. And while I totally was thrilled to receive one guys Letterman’s jacket (when I was 25 for Pete’s sake!) I must say, that the gift that sticks with me has to be a shower head.

I know what you’re asking yourself, was it a fancy rain head shower? Could you program it to your ipod so it water dances with the music? Did it massage like Phillipe the swiss massuere at Burke Williams? The answer to your queries would be no. No, it was your standard 5 buck comes with the apartment issue shower head.

{so bad I couldn’t even find a picture except on a demolition website}

Oh! But it did come with a water proof radio! So…..yay!

Seriously, worst present ever.

This Valentine’s Day I will be on the doctor’s table for the echo ultrasound on the littlest member of our family, and good news about his heart? Seriously, BEST present ever.

I got a huge kick outta my fellow iVoices interviews on the worst gifts they ever received.

What was your worst gift? And did it come with a shower radio? Inquiring minds want to know.

And Happy Valentine’s to you all!

A cottage by the sea…


It’s not a cottage by the sea, but today I am away from my little bloggy home. I am hanging tough over at Mom Nom guest posting! Please come show me some love. Also if you haven’t checked out Tiffany’s blog yet, please do. She’s adorable and funny and as I once said in a play “she’s good people” I had to say it with a Brooklyn dialect too. Hardcore, yo.

In other beeswax, if you look right there to the right you’ll see that this blog is dangerously close to having 400 followers! Now, this blog will never be a massive giveaway blog or review blog. I get things in my in-box all the time and I think, really? You think my readers would  be so super stoked to win a coupon for 3 dollars? Or this week, you guys I almost was able to share free! video! clips! (of a movie that is already out) But I am a lucky gal and know some peeps who make lovely handmade things. And since I myself love handmade things I do believe I have something pretty to celebrate the landmark of 400 followers! Just a little something to say thank you, for sticking with me through broken toes, allergic reactions, pregnancies and dogs on Prozac. Hoping you’ll stick around for more!

The sweetest hour.

My college self would never believe it, but my favorite time of day is about 6:30 a.m. The Boss wakes with a soft wail, calling for me and when I answer the call he says I just want to cuddle you. I take him into my bed and we snuggle, him tucked under my left arm and lazily nursing as he drifts in and out of sleep. He is all warm skin and soft noises, I rest my cheek on his sweet forehead and drink in the scent of his Burt’s Bees shampoo. (A scent that will surely send me swooning well into my 90’s) It’s heavenly. Catsby quickly takes his place snuggling as close as he can into my left arm nook, his purrs slowly lowering from jet engine roar to barely audible buzz to nothing as he sinks into me.

One by one each member of our family leaves for work and that’s when Puppy Bear joins in; rightfully ousting Catsby from my side and settling in with big anxious sigh. My sweet kitten moves to my right shoulder, purring in my ear as if I am a pirate and he is some sort of parrot-cat. We stay like that, everyone but me, and now the tiny man doing flips in my belly asleep, for about 40 minutes. My mind dreamily decorates my someday house, imagining furniture I will refinish and kids rooms I will design, birthday parties and holiday dinners I will host.  I try to memorize The Boss’ sighs and sleepy squeaky noises, wondering if I will be able to recreate this with two babies. Things will change. I know that it’s all the more sweet, but time snuggling with only The Boss will be few and far between.

It’s only a matter of time before my little one rouses, rolling on to my chest and putting his sweet little hands on either side of my face saying oh-so-sweetly Look Mommy, I do want a lollipop for breakfast.

Everything now is Look Mommy, I do. Look Mommy I do want some Scooby Doo. Look Mommy, I do want to play the pano (piano), Look Mommy, I do want to go to the sky.

I kiss his warm sleepy face until he smiles and enjoy those last few moments before the mornings first tantrum arrives. Because of course, he is not getting a lollipop for breakfast.

I hate all bugs. But the stomach bug is the worstest.

I was kissing and munching on some of the juiciest toddler cheeks in the history of ever. The Boss’. In between his giggles and my munching noises I told him: I’m going to eat you up!

Without missing a beat The Boss said: No Mommy! Food is better!

So that night I ate dinner. And then I got the stomach flu. I spent the day in bed bemoaning life, unable to even watch television. Just me, a dark room and TOTT popping in from time to time to turn on a light and tell me to come downstairs and hang with them. Ummm…Dear God just let me die! I beg of you!

After two days of existing on Gatorade and prayers I remain unconvinced that food is in fact better than yummy toddler cheeks.

Today TOTT came home from work violently ill and apologizing profusely. He didn’t understand. He is dying he says! The worst part is I can’t even feel like ha! now you get it! Because holy jeebus this flu is the suck and I feel bad my man is suffering. Here’s hoping he can handle some gatorade in a bit.

I’m sticking to juicy cheeks. And maybe some of these delicious toes. (And I’m not sharing these delicacies with anyone!)