You know when you need coffee so badly that you forget to put the cup under the Kuerig while brewing said cup of coffee?


You know when you buy new pillowcases for your bed because you just LOVE the pattern then realize it’s the same pattern as your blog background?

You know when your puppy is all warm from the sun and smells like corn chips?
Puppy Bear


You know when you are jealous of a fictional female Smurf and the undying love she inspires in your three year old son so you buy a Smurfette shirt in the girls department at Old Navy even though you don’t really believe in character clothing, especially for adults, but you are hoping it will make your sick three year old smile and maybe look at you with the adoration he saves for a damn blue stuffed Smurf?smurf



You know when you love all your blog friends and hope they have an awesome weekend and post oodles of pictures of their precious children in their Halloween costumes on their own blogs?

max Lightyear




Today we were lazy. The Boss and I stayed in our pj’s until after lunch, changing into comfy shorts and T-shirts for nap. Lazy. Oh sure, I cleaned and we played together, but by and large the day was spent cuddling on the bed, watching scholastic book movies and nodding off.  Followed by a three hour nap.


I was drinking in all the cuddles and sweetness I could before the epic two year old monster returned. The monster must be on vacay or perhaps taking a post Emmy recoup becuase today he was sweetness and light. Perhaps we tired him out this weekend! My room has become The Boss’ favorite place to hang out, as if features three things he can’t get enough of: The Wiggles On Demand, a king sized bed for bouncing on, and of course…Fender the Supah Kitteh.

I love this kitten and will cry a thousand tears when we find him the perfect home. But my tears? Nothing compared to The Boss’. Every morning I hear his sweet mewlings over the monitor waking up slowly. Drowsily figuring out where he is. Then it never fails “Open the door! Wanna see Mommy! Open the door Mommy!” Then one of the highlights of my day: he wraps his sleepy warm self around me, burrowing his face into my neck and we rock in the chair quietly….for a few minutes before he pulls back and announces “go see Sammy! Baby have it a Baby Kitty Mo!” Then pointing and leaning towards the door he insists we go to my room where we crawl into bed and then all four of us snuggle up. The Boss cuddled close to me, Puppy Bear draped across our feet and Baby Kitty Mo (aka Supah Kitteh aka Fender) purring away smushed in the slight valley where our bodies touch. It’s heavenly. I could stay there all day.

This afternoon, around five, after The Boss had woken from his nap and had a snack I caught him singing Baby Mine to the kitten, the two of them drifting in and out.

Lazy day.