iVoices on iVillage New Years Resolutions…

Last year I made all kinds of resolutions. All kinds. This year I made none, really. I mean other than getting over my embarrassment at returning to the gym after a long absence, with all the other resolutionists. Remember when I used to go to the gym? Those were good times. I wonder if Hair Towel Turban man and Mustache Guy are still there. But I am finally feeling better (thank you second trimester) and I gotta tell ya, my booty has dropped about three inches and my thighs be spreading like butter.

I don’t think we can blame that on the fetus.

So this week I shall swallow my pride and head on out to the gym, toddler in tow and attempt to not hyperventilate on the lowest setting of the elliptical. Wish me luck, cause you know I’m gonna need it.

Oh wait! One more resolution. Sorta tied to the first one. To not break the 200 pound barrier with this pregnancy like I did with the Boss. This will be tough considering this kid only wants a few things. And two of those things are cheese and bread. And also salt. I might as well give up on this one already!

I was sweetly asked to participate in the iVoices Resolutions report! I hope you alll had a glorious New Years Eve and here’s hoping 2011 is a grand one.

With healthy babies, big raises, safe cars, new places to live and lots and lots of laughter and happiness.

Thanks for sticking with me this year. Your comments, emails, tweets and messages have been a source of inspiration, consolation and frequently you guys just plain old made me get over myself and cracked me up to the point of weeping while laughing.

And laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. (I also to resolve to watch Steel Magnolias more often.)

Happy New Year!

I am Empowered. Hanging with the President will do that to ya.

Remember this guy, right here?

Love of my life, tiny comedian and musical genius?  Something odd happened to me once I had him. I was always pro-children, I was never grumpy at a kid throwing a tantrum {maybe I might have had a judgement about mom or dad, but not the kiddo} and I always thought education was the most important thing ever. But since having The Boss, I see him in every child. I see the curiosity in his eyes, I watch him explore and I want him to be supported and encouraged at every step of his life. I want that for every child.

“I remember going to a school back in my organizing days and seeing children — young children, maybe five or six — eyes were brimming with hope, had such big dreams for the future.  You’d ask them, what do you want to be when you grow up?  They’d want to be a doctor; they’d want to be a lawyer.  And then I remember the principal telling me that soon, all that would change.  The hope would start fading from their eyes as they started to realize that maybe their dreams wouldn’t come to pass — not because they weren’t smart enough, not because they weren’t talented enough, but because through a turn of fate they happened to be born in the wrong neighborhood.  They became victim of low expectations, a community that was not supporting educational excellence.”-President Obama

I was born into the right neighborhood, with all the resources available to me and I still fell through the educational cracks. I don’t want this to happen to The Boss. Or your kids, or yours or yours or yours or any child.

So when the lovely Justice Fergie from MamaLaw asked me if I would like to be a part of the White House Blogger pool and ‘cover’ President Obama’s speech on Education reform at the National Urban League’s Centennial I responded instantly YES!!!

Then I sat down, pinched myself and called my mom  Y’know just to make sure I wasn’t in some sort of alternate universe. After that I set about assembling a Michelle Obama inspired outfit. I mean really, me? Invited to see President Obama speak and give my take on what he had to say?  I myself am not exactly a stellar example of the American education system at work. I was smart and funny and I got away with a lot…I got scooted along from grade to grade on my charm. I was not doing the work and the school system was not working for me. So being invited to see our President speak was just, well, mind blowing. And let me tell you, Mr. President does not dissapoint.

“…we’ve got an obligation to lift up every child in every school in this country” – President Obama

Yes, I dragged myself from my warm bed and braved the Metro and found my way to the convention center in order to make our 6:45 a.m. press check in time.

Let me just say the reporters and photographers were incredibly welcoming to us, even using their amazing cameras to photograph us and take many pictures with our point and shoots.

{why yes that does indeed say White House Press Pool *faint*}

I joined my fellow bloggers TechSavvyMama and DumbMom and was delighted to meet some new and amazing women bloggers. I was given this opportunity  because of Blogalicious – as if I needed a reason to love them more! After an hour or so we were escorted into the press area and anxiously awaited the arrival of our President. Finally we heard what The Boss would call a Tekko (helicopter) and I swear to you all, early wake up or not, we all were amped up! The tweets were flying as fast as our smart phones would carry them! President Obama had arrived.

The energy that overtook the room when he entered the stage is something I am not sure the English language can describe. It was profoundly moving to me to experience it, and it was even more profound due to the location and reason for the gathering. One hundred years of the National Urban League celebrated with our very first African American President. Just profoundly thrilling to me. I tear up just thinking about it. {I’m expecting my literary prize any moment…one paragraph with the word profound used three times. Must.Get.Thesaurus.}

President Obama didn’t mince words and I wish I could capture they way he not only gently chides us for our shortcomings (and his) and yet spurs us to action all within one sentence. I remember during the campaign feeling like oh yes! we CAN change the world, we CAN educate our children and feed our poor and get our economy back! He inherited quite a country didn’t he, and he has had to chip away slowly while we all wish he could wave some magic wand and make everything better. But he calls us to action with Race to the Top education program. He calls on us as parents to be more involved, to be involved in every part of our child’s education. Sign me up Mr. President.

Fixing what’s broken in our education system is not easy.  We won’t see results overnight.  It may take a decade for these changes to pay off.  But that’s not a reason not to make them.  It’s a reason to start making them right now, to feel a sense of urgency — the fierce urgency of now.-President Obama

{We may or may not have gotten up on the photographers platform to take photos. It was AMAZING! And no, we didn’t fall off. But we could have. That would have been really slick huh?}

{photo by TechSavvyMama}
@Minky and Mr. President
Along with our President’s important reminder that we must all actively work and put time and effort into our kids and country the National Urban League has asked us all to take the I AM EMPOWERED pledge. I took it and I hope you will too. What I love about it is that it breaks tasks into smaller tasks that clarify ways we can and should actively participate.

Here is the pledge:

I pledge to responsibly commit my time and talent to ensure that our nation is empowered to acheive the following goals by 2025:

  • Every American Child is ready for college, work and life
  • Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits
  • Every American lives in safe, decent, affordable and energy efficient housing on fair terms
  • Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions

And can I just say that our President is one heck of a charming, handsome, straight from the movies President? A total hottie?

Yes I can.

Dial M for Minky, Motherhood and Mimosas!

Well, well. Here we are! Check out the new digs…I myself am crazy about it! Once I really got into blogging and reading blogs I quickly became green with envy over beautiful blogs and wanted one for my very own! I am incredibly pleased with the redesign and the brilliant Nap Warden moved me from Blogger to WordPress without so much as a hiccough.

Perhaps you might have noticed I’ve added Motherhood and Mimosas to my my little world, because this blog is indeed a ‘Mom’ blog and I do adore Mimosas. Plus? Sometimes Mommy needs a drink. And may they more often be celebratory mimosas rather than conciliatory rum and cokes, right? {whatever your celebratory drink of choice may be. I’m not here to judge, just to toast! Cheers!}

This past week has been a big one for the fam here at the American Dream, we cruised over to visit the Ohio Contingent for Nana and Papa’s 60th anniversary. It was so sweet! Plus it gave me the opportunity to wear make up and real clothes three whole days in a row. Bonus! Post party we hopped in the mini-van and drove all night so that I could attend the SVmoms/DCMetroMoms and BitMoms event at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. It was a rough night, but I am so glad I made it! Thankful to my family for making the all night drive and thankful to Starbucks and the Ritz for keeping me awake by plying me with a near constant flow of coffee. Big thanks to The Boss who slept in Monday morning til 10:30 because I was sleeping the sleep of the dead and could not have functioned any earlier!

What a killer event!  Great conversations with brands about working together and amazing convos with fab bloggers. Good Lord, have I got to get a move on because I was surrounded by mind blowingly accomplished, brilliant, fun women who probably don’t make up their own words as much as I do. They probably know the real words and use them accordingly. Brilliant women. Bless their brilliant hearts, they were once again, incredibly welcoming to me and my personal brand of goof.

It has been suggested to me on more than one occasion that perhaps I might give vlogging a try. Eek! Vlogging and acting are two entirely different monsters. Give me a script and I’m great…but just talking on my own? Well….It tends to get a little long winded. And awkward. You know what helps? Having a husband who is a director and willing to do several takes. Also, he was willing to tape this at midnight after a crazy long day at the office. He even arranged the pillows on the couch around me. {I’m certain you would have guessed that. I hope!} And added Sock Monkey. I heart Sock Monkey almost as much as The Boss does. I. Was. Nervous. You can tell because my voice goes from ‘I know what I am doing and have vocal training’ to ‘hey! I am a squeaky valley girl!’. As I am a squeaky valley girl I can say that.

But the event this past weekend coupled with the Momzshare event got me thinking about what I am passionate and what I want to do! And so I vlogged about it.
{SWEET! Shout out to Shelley who taught me how to get this here vlog in the actual post, you rock!}

When I dream, I dream BIG! How about you?

And bless TLC’s heart, I did hear back from her! She was incredibly encouraging and so kind, I really hope to work with them in some way! So…dream put out there and not immediately slammed to the ground. I’m calling that a success.

Please bear with me as I learn my way around word press and  welcome to the new improved Dial M for Minky, Motherhood & Mimosas!

Forget Moms Clubs, It’s all about MOMZSHARE!

Dare I say I am beginning to make a life here in the D.C. Metro area? I think I am. One of the things that has helped quell my insane homesickness for the land of breast implants and Lohan court dates is Momzshare. Momzshare is the brainchild of Lara from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and Jennifer from Hip as I Wanna Be. Check those hot chicks out because it is no exaggeration to say that the two of them have made the DC Metro area a lot more like home for me.

I tried the moms club route and was met with, how to say this nicely, the cold shoulder. Well harumph right back at ya! I don’t need you! I’ve got 80 brilliant funny and fabulous bloggers to hang with! If you are in the DC Metro area I seriously recommend you join us! I can guarantee you a good time.

This past Saturday’s Momzshare was held at The Little Gym in Silver Spring, MD. How fun! I can’t wait to take Max there. I was only sad we didn’t really get to swing on the uneven bars. Although we did have wine, so perhaps it was a wise choice to prevent 80+ tipsy mommy bloggers (and non moms too!) from going crazy on the kids equipment! I kid – we were very well behaved. I had a great time chatting with several of the girls I had met before and met many more funny women who I may or may not be currently blog stalking. The concept of Momzshare is to get fabulous women together for networking and fun…and maybe to do a little good. So while we were all buying raffle tickets  for fantabulous prizes like crazy amounts of awesomeness from BitMoms and La Papillion Spa while scarfing down cupcakes and vegan soup (oh, asparagus soup…I’ve been dreaming of you!) we were actually giving money to Team Why Mommy.

It was a great time from start to finish
. Great food, great women, great conversation. Won’t you join us next time? Cause for
reals, wild horses couldn’t keep me from the next Momzshare!

Lauree from SimplyLeap spoke to us about finding our passions. It’s always interesting when you have to boil it down to one word what you are really passionate about.

What’s your one word?

(see this? random background? that would be why I’m moving. wth! and no…no, I’ve not highlighted it.)

Happy New year and The I Wills For 2010

I am not one for resolutions. If I resolve to do something like lose weight I find I am resolving to finish the Hershy’s kisses faster than you can say January 2nd. So I do the “I Wills’, and I hope you’ll join me!  The rules are simple, what will you do in the new year? I encourage your I Wills to feature both lofty goals and small ones. A small victory is still a victory and taste of success just makes you want more. (Also like Hershey Kisses)

  • I will be kind to Zach in action and thought, expecting nothing in return
  • I will eat healthily in order to be strong for my family
  • I will exercise regularly
  • I will create a beautiful living space, wherever that is.
  • I will be kind to my baby in his frustration, recognizing that he cannot express what he wants and that must be so stressful for him!
  • I will tell him I am proud of him every, listing his accomplishments of the day (I already do this before bedtime…so check!)
  • I will begin to prepare my mind for weaning the baby
  • I will begin to prepare my body for (God willing) baby #2
  • I will do something for me every day.
  • I will do something for my career every day
  • I will do something about my anxiety. 
  • I will start wearing real clothes on a regular basis, and make up too! (instead of my yoga pants/hoodie uniform of late) 
  • I will behave kindly when I feel grumpy, even when people stop in the middle of a walkway to text. (Grrrrrrrrrr)
  • I will smile and say thank you to valets, parking attendants, check out workers, mailman…those who cross my path.
  • I will donate money to my favorite charities.
  • I will host a family dinner in my own home. (Christmas!? apartment or house, doesn’t matter. Just has to be our home)
  • I will try very hard to let my baby be independent and not need me as much, resisting the urge to keep him wholly dependent on me.
  • I will trust others with his care.
  • I will talk on the phone more (I’m not good on the phone for some reason. I’d rather text!)
  • I will NOT be afraid of following me the path laid out for me even if it is not the one I would have chosen.
  • I will accept abundance 
  • I will accept success
  • I will caretake my friendships.
  • I will play more
  • I will laugh more
  • I will think better of my appearance
  • I will love him up one side and down the other every day! 
  • I will fit into this dress again and have somewhere to wear it! 
  • I will also learn some photo editing, not just iPhone apps!
  • I will figure out what I want to call this blog!
  • I will move it to whatever that is, without loosing people
  • I will get a real design! 
  • I will continue to pursue the creative side of my personality.
  • I will embrace being a wife and a mother. 
  • I will continue to pursue my acting 
  • I will be GREAT on set when I film in February. 
  • I will treasure every day as the gift that it is
  • And lastly, I will live by this quote for 2010
She chose to focus on the beauty in life, 
and the more she saw; the more she had.

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for joining me this year, I’ve loved reading your blogs and loved every comment and every visit you’ve blessed me with. BE SAFE!!!!