The Ballad of the four dollar bra.

I was at Target {quelle surprise} looking for something to cradle these aching milk makers of mine during the fleeting hours where I am able to be unconcious. I had a gift card so extra happiness was in the air – PLUS the fetus is letting me have coffee these days so even more happiness was surrounding me and The Boss as I sipped my latte and he chowed down on his way too sugary chocolate milk.

After visiting the toy section and picking up so much needed diapers and wipes, we made our way to the unmetionables department.

And there it was….the perfect bra, I mean it was purple and I am not a big fan of purple, but I have reached the function over fashion stage. It was padded just enough, no wires, looked comfy as all get out and it was even my size! {read: miniscule. The boob fairy has never visited…not even once.} Checking the price I saw that this lovely little article of awesome was only $3.99. I’d get several!

But, sob, there was only ONE. I searched high and low while The Boss charmingly explained with a sweet little smile to anyone who walked by “those are for boos!”

There was not another one to be found. Anywhere. I took my one purple ‘boo holder’ and made my way to the check out. After a wash I discovered that it was in fact the answer to a prayer. Even if it was purple. Comfy. Fit perfectly and oh! how it helped me to sleep! I longed for another one.

Yesterday at Target, another gift card in hand {thanks Christmas!} The Boss wanted OUT OUT OUT! of the cart, chocolate milk could not contain him. He took off like a shot, racing through the girls section and heading to the toys.

And there they were. Amongst the Dora the Explorer and Twilight panties. Tons of them. With hearts, polka dots, pink, green, yellow and purple! My four dollar bra.

My four dollar training bra.

I bought five of them. I’m not proud. But I am comfortable.

39 thoughts on “The Ballad of the four dollar bra.

  1. oh my word! this, is hilarious! sad, and I am sorry, but I do feel your pain! I was never big, and am even smaller post baby. Life just isn’t fair. But I’ll take my little chest, and the possibility of a $4 bra over back aches and creepy old man stares any day!

    i too would have bought loads of them!!

  2. Rejoice, woman! When you get in the BIG GIRL bras …. they are no longer cute/sexy/adorable …. just plain functional, to keep your boobs off your knees and on your chest where they belong.

    I am jealous, because I bet you can wear those string bikini tops, too.


  3. Too too funny! Maybe I should try that section of Target too! I’d rather be small breasted anyway than have men ogle my boos all day.

  4. When I hit puberty, I skipped straight over the training bras into the supportive cups. Nursing two babies has not been kind to me. Do you know how expensive it is to buy a nursing bra with a letter behind it that’s halfway through the alphabet? *sigh* Definitely envious of all you lovely ladies and your $4 bras.

  5. Comfortable AND cute:)
    So will you ever post preggo pictures? I sometimes miss being pregnant but then I think perpetual tiredness and I’m good. I hated my body pregnant but It is always refreshing to see that pregnancy glow on others. It has this inspirational quality of strength, courage and wisdom. So Cheers to the rest of your pregnancy and the wise strong woman that you are:)

    • There is a reason no pictures have been posted! LOL. I’m having a maternity session soon and I’ll post those, y’know the ones that have been photoshopped. 🙂

  6. “Those are for boos!” Hahahaha! God I love toddlers! I can hear him saying it. Well actually, I picture Max’s face with Jacob’s voice ’cause that’s whose voice I have in my head all the time. Freaking adorable. And yay for a comfy bra for sleeping! Pregnant boobs hurt. A. Lot. And don’t be ashamed of your awesome find. There are a lot of women who would kill to be able to find a bra that fit, did the job and felt comfy. I’m one of them.

  7. Hahahahahahahhaha, I’m dying over here. And the reasons are many.
    1. Those are for boos. AWESOME!
    2. A training bra! ::snort:: I love it!
    3. FOUR BUCKS, you are SO LUCKY! As a woman of gargantuan boobage, bras cost as much as a freaking car payment, so count your blessings.
    4. You SLEEP in a bra? I’m perplexed.
    But overall, thanks for the good laugh! Enjoy your wee bubbies and your cheap bras, there could definitely be worse things.

    • I adore that Twilight panties is what you took away from this. Because yes, yes there are. And yes, yes they are disturbing.

  8. I love that our name equals boobs in your house! And who cares where the cute bras come from as long as long As you’re comfy!

  9. not that i need a reason to go to target, but now i’m curious…i think my lil’ boos would look great in polka dots.

    itty bitty titties of the world…unite!

  10. Dude, as a fellow A Cup Beauty, I totally buy all my bras at Target once I found the pre-teen section. They have a brand called Delta (made by Maidenform) that comes in A and AA, in black, white and taupe. They’re $8 I think. The strap adjustment clips eventually break but at that price, who cares?

  11. Love The Boss’ comment about “boos.” I’m a teeny tiny teensy bit jealous that you can buy a$4 bra. My last bra was close to $80. I had to force myself to go bra shopping after realizing that all of my bras were threadbare and lacking in any kind of support. The feeling of wearing a bra with actual support was thrilling. My clothes fit better. But, I’d still love to be able to find a $4 bra in my size. One of these a breast reduction will be in my future.

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  13. A 4 dollar bra that you are in love with…does life get any better than that? I am living in Denmark right now, and they a bra is called a bh (bryst-breast in danish holder). Seriously. Just a random bra fact for you since we are on the topic. Visiting from SITS btw…congrats on your day! Loving your blog, it makes me smile!

  14. Yeah…um…well, my boobs would laugh in the face of a $4 bra. I need the super-industrial sized, mega priced, specialty store version. I admit it: I’m jealous!

  15. Well, as long as we’re sharing….after years, and years….and years of nursing, my “I didn’t have much to begin with” has widdled down to 1.5 sizes smaller. But hey, Jockey makes little girl bras at a fraction of the price.

  16. BAHAHAHA! That is a priceless story. And just so you know, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I’m pretty sure everyone with small boos wants big boos and everyone with big boos wants small boos. Curse the ones in the middle. 😉

    Happy SITS day!!

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